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If you're new to the cat-ownership world, you'll also find lots of helpful information on cat care and behavior here. Many category pages have articles, there's an informative blog, and also free downloadable brochures that can be copied or printed by shelters, cat rescue groups, pet sitters, or veterinarians to help educate people about cats.

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A Note About Security

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We're a Small Business, Too!

We're a Small Business, Too!

Recently Viewed Items:

Recently Viewed Items:

In Memory of Vixen

In Memory of Vixen

Memorial for my beloved cat Vixen

Support Your Local Shelter!

Support Your Local Shelter!

Homeless cats who find themselves in a shelter environment are stressed. Why not gift your local shelter or cat rescue group with some new toys for them? It's a great way to help these groups, who are often tight on funds. Many of the smaller toys you'll find in this section come in bulk lots, perfect for shelters and rescue groups.
Products used by animal shelters and rescue groups.
Cat Rescue & Shelter Items

Cat Rescue & Shelter Items

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AdaptaPet Oral SprayAdaptaPet Oral SprayHomeopathic medicine for calm and balance in newly homed cats, or those recently moved to a new environment
FDA NDC: 68703-291-02
Aloe Care DematterAloe Care DematterBreaks up mats on long-haired and double-coated cats
Auto-WataAuto-WataKeep your outdoor cats hydrated!
Binny Top Kitten CarrierBinny Top Kitten CarrierHas removable floor for easy cleaning!
Birchwood Manor Cat HouseBirchwood Manor Cat HouseAvailable in heated or unheated versions!
Bulk Cat Play BallsBulk Cat Play BallsFour dozen cat play balls!
Bulk Pet Nail FileBulk Pet Nail FileIncludes 12 nail files
Bulk Plastic Flea CombsBulk Plastic Flea CombsIncludes a total of 100 combs!
Bulk Rubber Coated Grooming BrushesBulk Rubber Coated Grooming BrushesA dozen rubber-coated brushes that can be used for either wet or dry grooming!
Calm Me Down Calming CollarCalm Me Down Calming CollarAn all-natural herbal solution for stressed kitties!
Calming Sachet SetCalming Sachet SetSet of two aromatherapy sachets!
Carticil PlusCarticil PlusMulti-system Support & Detox
Case of 12 Scratch 'n Pads ScratchersCase of 12 Scratch 'n Pads ScratchersThese can go home with the cats when they get adopted, too!
Cat Rattles Bag of 20 ToysCat Rattles Bag of 20 ToysCats love these!
CatizolCatizolRelief for pain and discomfort in cats
Catnip Balls Bag of 40 ToysCatnip Balls Bag of 40 ToysA classic toy, filled with organic catnip!
Catnip Candysticks Bag of 30 ToysCatnip Candysticks Bag of 30 ToysSlightly bigger bulk toys!
Catnip Critters Bag of 30 ToysCatnip Critters Bag of 30 ToysStuffed with organic catnip!
Catnip Fish Bag of 20 ToysCatnip Fish Bag of 20 ToysWhat cat doesn't love fish? And fish filled with catnip?! Major purr time!
Classical CatsClassical CatsClassical Music For Your Cat
by Various Artists
Collapsible Cat Play PenCollapsible Cat Play PenPerfect crate for all day, or all night!
Comfort Zone DiffuserComfort Zone DiffuserCalming pheromones
Comfort Zone Multi-Cat Calming DiffuserComfort Zone Multi-Cat Calming DiffuserIntroducing a new cat to your clowder? You need this!
Available in 1- or 2-room sizes.
Comfort Zone Multi-Cat RefillsComfort Zone Multi-Cat RefillsAvailable in:
  • 1-count
  • 2-count
  • 6-count
Comfort Zone Single-Cat RefillComfort Zone Single-Cat RefillAvailable in:
  • 1-count
  • 2-count
  • 6-count
Cosmic Cardboard Cat ScratcherCosmic Cardboard Cat ScratcherGot a cat who likes to scratch your carpet or the top of your sofa? Here's the right scratcher for him!
Cosmic Double Wide Cardboard Cat ScratcherCosmic Double Wide Cardboard Cat ScratcherTreated with Cosmic Catnip, what cat can resist this?
Daily Probiotic for CatsDaily Probiotic for CatsSupports a healthy digestive tract and immune system!
Defending the DefenselessDefending the Defenseless

A Guide to Protecting and Advocating for Pets

by Allie Phillips

Deluxe Cat Scratch ‘n PadDeluxe Cat Scratch ‘n PadSave when you buy multiples:
Makes a great gift for shelters & rescue groups!
Deluxe Lectro-KennelDeluxe Lectro-KennelGreat way to keep kittens or elderly cats warm...safely!
Don't Go! Oral SprayDon't Go! Oral SprayHomeopathic medicine for cats who suffer from separation anxiety
FDA NDC: 68703-270-02
Drinkwell Outdoor Pet FountainDrinkwell Outdoor Pet FountainProvide fresh, clean water for your outdoor cats!
Drinkwell Outdoor Pet Fountain Replacement FiltersDrinkwell Outdoor Pet Fountain Replacement FiltersKeep your outdoor kitties' water fresh and clean!
Espree Optisoothe Eye WashEspree Optisoothe Eye WashUse for dry eyes or to flush something out of kitty's eye.
Everflow Indoor-Outdoor Cat FountainEverflow Indoor-Outdoor Cat FountainConnect to a hose outdoors, or fill the reservoir for indoor use!
Extra-Wide Outdoor Kitty HouseExtra-Wide Outdoor Kitty HouseGreat for multiple cats, or a mother and kittens!
Extreme Weather Kitty Pad Replacement CoverExtreme Weather Kitty Pad Replacement CoverTough kitty wearing out the cover on his pad?
Eye-Heal Herbal Cleansing SolutionEye-Heal Herbal Cleansing SolutionA natural, herbal solution for cleansing a cat's eyes
Felinedophilus Probiotic Gel for CatsFelinedophilus Probiotic Gel for CatsLiquid probiotic supplement promotes digestive & immune health
Gastro Vegi-Dophilus Probiotic Powder for CatsGastro Vegi-Dophilus Probiotic Powder for CatsPowder probiotic supplement aids digestive & immune health
Gentle Digest CapsulesGentle Digest CapsulesSupports a healthy immune system and intestinal balance.
Grand Scratch ‘n PadGrand Scratch ‘n PadA larger scratcher for larger cats
Heart Pillow Catnip Toy, Bag of 15Heart Pillow Catnip Toy, Bag of 15Stuffed with premium, organic catnip!
(Display canister not included)
Helios Healing CreamHelios Healing CreamA topical homeopathic treatment for skin irritations and wounds
Helios S-O-eSsence Pet BalmHelios S-O-eSsence Pet BalmFrom the respected UK company!
Homeopathic First Aid for AnimalsHomeopathic First Aid for AnimalsTales and Techniques from a Country Practitioner
by Kaetheryn Walker
Kitty Boinks Cat Toys in CanisterKitty Boinks Cat Toys in Canister

A great value for shelters or rescue groups!

Kitty Flicks Bag of 100 Cat ToysKitty Flicks Bag of 100 Cat ToysGreat for flicking, batting, and carrying around!
Kitty Nips Bag of 25 ToysKitty Nips Bag of 25 ToysFilled with organic catnip!
Kitty Pinwheels Bag of 72 Cat ToysKitty Pinwheels Bag of 72 Cat ToysMade from palm leaves and natural coir fiber!
Kitty's Wonderbox 3-PackKitty's Wonderbox 3-PackBe prepared with these disposable litter boxes!
KMR Emergency Kitten Feeding KitKMR Emergency Kitten Feeding KitKit for feeding orphaned or rejected kittens: all you need to add is a little water, and the love!
Lectro-Soft Replacement CoverLectro-Soft Replacement Cover3 sizes to fit the Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Beds
Lixit Hand-Feeding SyringeLixit Hand-Feeding SyringeFor giving formula, food, or medicine to kittens or sick cats
Marchioro Clipper Cayman Cat TransporterMarchioro Clipper Cayman Cat TransporterTraveling with kitty by air? You'll need this carrier.
Mega Scratch 'n PadMega Scratch 'n PadThe perfect size for most cats - and makes a great gift for shelters, too!
Midwest Ovation Single-Door CrateMidwest Ovation Single-Door Cratewith Up and Away Door!
Nutri-Vet L-Lysine Soft Chews for CatsNutri-Vet L-Lysine Soft Chews for Cats90-count chews in a chicken liver and cheese flavor
Out of Harm's WayOut of Harm's Way

The Extraordinary True Story of One Woman's Lifelong Devotion to Animal Rescue

by Terri Crisp and Samantha Glen

Outdoor Multiple Kitty A-FrameOutdoor Multiple Kitty A-FrameAvailable in heated or unheated models!
Pet CotPet CotAssembles with no tools, and is easy to clean!
Petmate Vari Kennel Cat CarrierPetmate Vari Kennel Cat CarrierAvailable in two sizes:
  • Cats up to 10 pounds
  • Cats 10-20 pounds
Sad Pet Relief Oral SpraySad Pet Relief Oral SprayHomeopathic medicine for cats with depression, grief, and pining
FDA NDC: 68703-266-02
Slimcat Pack of 16 in Assorted ColorsSlimcat Pack of 16 in Assorted ColorsSave over buying individually!
Sponge Balls Bin of 35 ToysSponge Balls Bin of 35 ToysWhat next, a new putter for kitty?
Stack-N-Stor Cat Food Storage BinsStack-N-Stor Cat Food Storage BinsAvailable in 3 sizes!
Super Kitty Boinks Cat Toys in CanisterSuper Kitty Boinks Cat Toys in Canister

Bigger than regular Kitty Boinks, but still a great value!

Taming MeTaming MeMemoir of a Clever Island Cat

by Cathy Unruh

Release date: October 16, 2012
The Stray Cat HandbookThe Stray Cat Handbookby Tamara Kreuz
TheraNeem Organix Pet ShampooTheraNeem Organix Pet Shampoo
  • Paraben-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Gluten-free
Thermo-Kitty CaféThermo-Kitty CaféWarms food and water for outdoor cats!
Van Ness Basic Litter PanVan Ness Basic Litter PanAvailable in 4 sizes!
Vet's Best Waterless Cat BathVet's Best Waterless Cat BathFor when kitty needs a little help grooming!
Good Information For You:

Good Information For You:

You may find these posts from the Old Maid Cat Lady blog helpful:

Date Title Summary
October 16, 2011 It's National Feral Cat Day! Trap-Neuter-Return programs
September 20, 2011 It's Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week Adoption of black, disabled, or elderly cats
March 3, 2011 Which Cat Matches Your Personality? A University of Vienna study on factors affecting the compatibility of people and their cats
July 23, 2010 Cats and Soldiers Cats in wars; the possible use of cats as therapy providers for soldiers suffering from PTSD or debilitating physical injuries

Free Downloads:

Free Downloads:

These are brochures we've created for those involved in managing feral cat colonies. Feel free to download and print them as needed to educate your community about TNR and community cats. More free brochures for feline advocates are available on our Free Downloads page.
Benefits of Community Cats

Benefits of Community Cats

brochure on caring for feral cat colonies

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is being recognized by more and more communities as the most humane and cost-effective way to manage the problem of feral cats. This brochure discusses some of the benefits of hosting managed cat colonies and briefly outlines what is needed to care for a colony. It also has links to some websites where additional helpful material can be found.

How to Use This Brochure:  Individuals wanting to care for a colony of feral cats in their neighborhood can consult this brochure for the basics, use it to access additional training and information, and help educate others in the community on the benefits of TNR.

Click here to download the "Benefits of Community Cats" brochure.

Effective Management of Feral Cat Colonies

Effective Management of Feral Cat Colonies

Effective Management of Feral Cat Colonies brochure

This brochure advocates for the policy of Trap-Neuter-Return in managing feral cat colonies. It defines the TNR concept, cites examples of communities that have used it effectively, and explains how to implement a TNR program in your own community. The back panel of the brochure lists several websites that can be consulted for additional information.

How to Use This Brochure:  If your local government is considering passing laws covering the management of feral cats, you can use this brochure to politely educate them on the success of the TNR policy and suggest that they consider it.

Click Here to Download the "Effective Management of Feral Cat Colonies" Brochure!



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