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A Note About Security

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We're a Small Business, Too!

We're a Small Business, Too!

Recently Viewed Items:

Recently Viewed Items:

My Pet Peed Stain & Odor Remover 32-oz. Spray BottleMy Pet Peed Stain & Odor Remover 32-oz. Spray BottleThe last stain & odor remover you will ever need to buy!
In Memory of Vixen

In Memory of Vixen

Memorial for my beloved cat Vixen

My Pet Peed Stain & Odor Remover 32-oz. Spray Bottle

My Pet Peed Stain & Odor Remover 32-oz. Spray Bottle

My Pet Peed Stain & Odor Remover 32-oz. Spray Bottle
Here's the old packaging; same great product in the new!
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The ideal stain & odor remover would be one you can just spray on and let it work its magic, without any scrubbing or rinsing. And it would actually remove the stains and odors, not just cover them up, right? Well, here it is!

"My Pet Peed" is an environmentally friendly organic extraction product that works by killing the bacteria that cause stains and odors. It contains no enzymes, bleaches, or harsh chemicals. Does not leave any soap or salt residue, and breaks down into pure water and oxygen within 24 hours of application. It's guaranteed to remove 100% of stains and odors caused by urine, feces, vomit, sweat, and blood.

The spray bottle has two options on the nozzle, "spray" or "stream", so you can get just the right amount on stains of all sizes. For most stains and odors, you just remove as much physical matter (excrement, vomit, blood, etc.) as possible and then blot up excess moisture. Spray My Pet Peed until area is saturated. You'll see it start to bubble as the ingredients go to work. Let it stand for 5-10 minutes. After the stain is removed, simply wipe the area with a clean, damp cloth. That's it!

Tougher stains and odors are cleaned in layers, like an onion. My Pet Peed works on extracting one 'layer' of the 'onion' at a time. So if tough stains persist, just repeat applications until all the 'layers' have been completely extracted.  You'll be amazed! Use it in and around litter boxes, your cat's bedding, on carpet, upholstery, or any other washable fabrics where your cats have had accidents. It even removes smoke and household odors! You can remove airborne odors by misting it into the air of the stinky room.

Save 32% on two! Get two bottles for only $10 more!

  • Removes stains and odors from carpet, upholstery, bedding and other washable fabrics by killing the bacteria that causes them.
  • Is NOT a fragrance or perfume that temporarily disguises or hides odors, but a permanent ODOR ELIMINATOR.
  • Virtually odorless, non-staining, non-toxic and safe to use around pets, children and  plants.
  • Contains no enzymes, bleaches, or harsh chemicals.  Is ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE!
  • Permanently removes all stains and odors associated with bacterial decomposition caused by pets, people, and other related  accidents.
  • Aids in housebreaking and litter training your pets by removing odors that attract them to inappropriate areas.

Here's what other cat owners are saying about "My Pet Peed":

"I'm not one for posting comments about products, as they usually don't do as advertised and I'm disappointed. I watched the video, which was interesting, but I still wasn't 100% sold on the product. That happens when you purchase too many "other" products that let me down. But I just can't stop talking about this product because IT WORKS!! I was amazed at how quickly you could not only remove urine and feces stains, but that the odor was completely removed! I knew this for a fact because my puppy never found the "one" spot she would always go on my carpet when I used other products. When I first used "My Pet Peed", I found accidents in different areas. With my puppy having a urinary tract infection for over 7 weeks now, it's been SO difficult to house break and this product has totally SAVED my wall to wall carpeting. 
I decided for the heck of it to try this product on a very old stain, over a year old and I sprayed it on, waited 5 minutes, wiped with a damp cloth and OMG, it was gone! I couldn't believe that it could work on such an old stain. Unlike most products where you have to use it immediately or the smell and stain are there forever. It's SO wonderful to find a product that works so well, it's seriously like magic, lol!
I'm ready to reorder and if anyone asks about a cleaning product for animals, I will ONLY recommend "My Pet Peed." I tell people just give it a try, if you aren't happy, I'll buy it for you, haven't had one person that wasn't as amazed as I was.
If you are tired of researching products for cleaning urine, feces, vomit from any type of animal you have, just stop and order this product. I promise you'll love it and be here posting your wonderful review too!"
     -- Carol 

"This is the BEST cat stain and odor remover I have EVER used, and I've used almost everything available, after having MANY rescued kitties over the years and 18 that still live with me! NO other product works like this does: NO residue, NO staining, NO odor left!! Even after a feral male cat came inside and sprayed everything, My Pet Peed eliminated all the evidence and it did NOT harm my furniture or appliances! I am so grateful for Jarrett's fantastic new product!!! >^;^<"
     -- Molly

"I have 4 male cats. The house we purchased 2 years a go was owned by a male cat and dog owner. My cats have been marking the whole house because of her cat. I have stains that I thought would never come out. I have tried everything. I started using this cleaner and it is removing the stains that I have had for 2 years. It is great."
     -- Mary

 "I just want you to know 'My Pet Peed is GREAT'. I use it daily! I have a cat that likes to pee on the door (front entrance door...inside), she keeps me busy. Thank you Jarrett for this wonderful product! I have several cats and kittens I keep in the house until I have them spayed or neutered (all rescues). I'm not embarrassed anymore to have visitors. Gets rid of the odor instantly. I've tried many products, but this is the only one that works. You have to try it..IT REALLY DOES WORK!"

Want to join this group of happy customers? Order My Pet Peed today! The only things you have to lose are the odors and stains around your house!

Note: Due to its weight, shipping charges can be significant on this product. Based on the delivery method you choose, shipping will be assessed at checkout at the following rates:

Shipping Method/Destination 1 Bottle 2 Bottles
FedEx Ground (Continental US) $10.00 $11.00
FedEx 2-Day (Continental US) $21.00 $25.75
FedEx Next Day (Continental US) $43.00 $50.50
FedEx Ground (Hawaii & Alaska) $23.75 $26.50
FedEx 2-Day (Hawaii & Alaska) $38.25 $38.25
FedEx Next Day (Hawaii & Alaska) $48.75 $59.25

NOTE: Old Maid Cat Lady is not the manufacturer of this product. We are merely a retailer. Keep all the original packaging and literature on hand so that in case of accidental ingestion you can contact the manufacturer about its ingredients.

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