"A kitten is the delight of the household; all day long a comedy is played out by an incomparable actor."

--Champfleury (Jules François Felix Fleury-Husson), French art critic & novelist, 1820-1889

Naming Your Kitten?

Naming Your Kitten?

list of Most Popular Cat Names

The most popular cat names...well, with apologies to T.S. Eliot, that's a matter of opinion!

Healthy Paws Pet and Insurance Foundation listed their most popular for 2017:

  1. Stella
  2. Oscar
  3. Gracie
  4. Finn
  5. Daisy
  6. Jack
  7. Chloe
  8. Simba
  9. Mia
  10. Loki

A site called Find Cat Names listed their ten most popular for male and female in 2017 as:

Male Female
Simba Nala
Milo Bella
Tiger Luna
Oreo Abby
Bear Daisy
Biscuit Angel
Felix Cleo
Jasper Hazel
Alfie Belle
Caesar Coco

Cuteness.com made a list of them for 2018:

  1. Bella
  2. Tigger
  3. Chloe
  4. Shadow
  5. Luna
  6. Oreo
  7. Oliver
  8. Kitty
  9. Lucy
  10. Molly

In the UK, the Independent also separated theirs by gender:

Male Female
Charlie Poppy
Oscar Bella
Alfie Molly
Max Tilly
Milo Daisy
Jasper Millie
George Lola
Leo Lily
Simba Rosie
Harry Willow

    Still don't know what to call the kitten? Don't worry; life usually brings you the right name for cats. You know of my little Vixen, who lived to be 24. Now I have a Captain Roughy, a Gilligan, and a Matilda Stormkitty. They're called Cap'n Boo, Gilly, and Mattie for short. Just like children, all our cats end up with both names and nicknames!

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    We're a Small Business, Too!

    We're a Small Business, Too!

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    Recently Viewed Items:

    In Memory of Vixen

    In Memory of Vixen

    Memorial for my beloved cat Vixen

    Accessories for kitten care, including formula, supplements, toys, pens, warmers, and grooming supplies.
    Kitten Care Products

    Kitten Care Products

    Sort By:
    AmazaPet Homeopathic MedicineAmazaPet Homeopathic MedicineHomeopathic remedy relieves wheezing and chest discomfort to maintain easy breathing in cats - now available in pill or liquid form!
    FDA NDC: 68703-019-80
    Amazin' Kitty PadAmazin' Kitty PadAvailable in 1-, 2-, or 3-pack
    Amazin' Kitty SackAmazin' Kitty SackCats love it...and so will you!
    Big Cat Nurser Bottle & Brush KitBig Cat Nurser Bottle & Brush KitLarger size for big cat cubs!
    Binny Top Kitten CarrierBinny Top Kitten CarrierHas removable floor for easy cleaning!
    Brain Health Supplement for Cats and KittensBrain Health Supplement for Cats and KittensHerbal supplement for cats and kittens 8 weeks or older
    Cat Bed WarmerCat Bed WarmerWarms any bed; available in 3 sizes!
    Cat Crate with Wooden CoverCat Crate with Wooden CoverCat crate? What cat crate? This is a lovely end table!
    Cat Urine DetectorCat Urine DetectorHelps you find the source of that cat pee odor!
    Comfort Zone DiffuserComfort Zone DiffuserCalming pheromones
    Comfort Zone Multi-Cat RefillsComfort Zone Multi-Cat RefillsAvailable in:
    • 1-count
    • 2-count
    • 6-count
    Comfort Zone Single-Cat RefillComfort Zone Single-Cat RefillAvailable in:
    • 1-count
    • 2-count
    • 6-count
    Configurable Pet Crate-GateConfigurable Pet Crate-GateAvailable in two sizes!
    Deluxe Lectro CoverDeluxe Lectro CoverReplacement cover
    Deluxe Lectro-KennelDeluxe Lectro-KennelGreat way to keep kittens or elderly cats warm...safely!
    Designer StRamp with Removable CoverDesigner StRamp with Removable CoverA little help for your older cat or tiny kitten!
    Earthbath Tooth and Gum WipesEarthbath Tooth and Gum WipesSafe for use on kittens, too!
    Easy StepsEasy StepsComes in 2-step or 3-step sizes
    EcoPure Naturals Herbal Conditioner for Cats and DogsEcoPure Naturals Herbal Conditioner for Cats and DogsSafe for cats of all ages and breeds!
    Espree Kitten ShampooEspree Kitten ShampooFormulated just for kittens!
    Excel Roundworm De-wormer for Cats 2-PackExcel Roundworm De-wormer for Cats 2-PackSafe for use in kittens over 6 weeks old
    Extra-Wide Outdoor Kitty HouseExtra-Wide Outdoor Kitty HouseGreat for multiple cats, or a mother and kittens!
    Extreme Weather Heated Kitty PadExtreme Weather Heated Kitty PadKeeps outdoor cats warm on chilly nights.
    FCV Protect Homeopathic MedicineFCV Protect Homeopathic Medicineto Temporarily Relieve Feline Flu Symptoms
    Natural calcivirus remedy for symptoms of cat flu; feline sneezing, congestion & watery eyes
    Comes in granules or spray form
    FDA NDC: 68703-022-20
    Felovite II Paste for CatsFelovite II Paste for CatsContains vitamins, minerals and taurine; for cats and kittens
    Four Paws Kitten Nurser Bottle & Brush KitFour Paws Kitten Nurser Bottle & Brush KitIn 2-oz. size that's purr-fect for kittens!
    Groom Genie for CatsGroom Genie for Cats
    • Detangles
    • Calms
    • Distributes Natural Oils
    KC-Defense Homeopathic MedicineKC-Defense Homeopathic Medicinefor Cough, Respiratory in Pets
    Natural homeopathic respiratory remedy relieves dry, hacking cough & sneezing & provides respiratory & immunity protection!
    Available in granules or oral spray
    FDA NDC: 68703-023-20
    Kitten Nutri-CalKitten Nutri-CalGot a malnourished kitten? This should help!
    KMR 2nd Step Kitten Weaning FoodKMR 2nd Step Kitten Weaning FoodMix with formula or kitten food during weaning
    KMR Emergency Kitten Feeding KitKMR Emergency Kitten Feeding KitKit for feeding orphaned or rejected kittens: all you need to add is a little water, and the love!
    KMR Kitten Liquid 12ozKMR Kitten Liquid 12ozLiquid in 12-oz. can
    KMR Kitten PowderKMR Kitten PowderContains colostrum, just like mother's milk!
    KMR Kitten Powder Dual Emergency PacksKMR Kitten Powder Dual Emergency PacksKitten milk replacement in two .75-oz pouches, for when you happen upon that litter that needs rescuing!
    KMR Kitten Powder in CanisterKMR Kitten Powder in CanisterCanister available in two sizes.
    L-Lysine Soft Chews for CatsL-Lysine Soft Chews for CatsContains antibodies to help your kitty when recovering from illness.
    Lectro Temp ControlLectro Temp ControlUse to reduce the heat on the Lectro-Kennel
    Lectro-KennelLectro-KennelGreat for kittens, elderly or convalescing cats
    Lectro-Soft™ Outdoor Heated Cat BedLectro-Soft™ Outdoor Heated Cat BedChilly nights won’t bother your outdoor cats with this!
    Lixit Hand-Feeding SyringeLixit Hand-Feeding SyringeFor giving formula, food, or medicine to kittens or sick cats
    Magic Coat Cat & Kitten Tearless ShampooMagic Coat Cat & Kitten Tearless Shampoowith Keratin and Lanolin
    Fresh citrus breeze scent
    Microwavable Cat Bed WarmerMicrowavable Cat Bed WarmerIf you want to warm your cat's bed, but it's not located near an outlet, this is the warmer for you! Works with any cat bed or blanket. Also great for keeping kittens warm.
    Midwest Ovation Single-Door CrateMidwest Ovation Single-Door Cratewith Up and Away Door!
    Natural Herbal Ear Care by EcoPureNatural Herbal Ear Care by EcoPureFor when kitty needs a little help cleaning the ears
    Pair of Kitten Nursing BottlesPair of Kitten Nursing BottlesJust right for a pair of kittens!
    Perfect Coat Waterless Shampoo For CatsPerfect Coat Waterless Shampoo For CatsCan't bathe your cat? Try this dry shampoo!
    PetAg Elongated Nursing Nipples 5-packPetAg Elongated Nursing Nipples 5-packUse with any kitten nursing bottle
    PetAg Nurser Bottle KitPetAg Nurser Bottle Kit2-ounce size is perfect for kittens!
    Petkin Kitty Wipes Instant Cat BathPetkin Kitty Wipes Instant Cat BathDirty kitty? Try these! (Cheaper by the case.)
    Petmate Basic Covered Litter BoxPetmate Basic Covered Litter BoxAn economical covered litter box!
    R&R Pet Sling CarrierR&R Pet Sling CarrierGreat for smaller cats, and meets most airline regulations!
    • Black
    • Fog (Gray)
    • Jaguar Print
    • Mulberry
    • Navy

    Respo-K Homeopathic MedicineRespo-K Homeopathic Medicinefor Colds, Congestion, Sneezing in Pets
    Natural homeopathic remedy to relieve cold & flu symptoms, improve respiratory health & strengthen immunity for optimal lung functioning & sinus health
    FDA NDC: 68703-013-80
    Self-Warming Crate PadSelf-Warming Crate PadAvailable in sizes to fit almost any crate
    Small Round Pumpkin Combo Cat ScratcherSmall Round Pumpkin Combo Cat ScratcherTwo scratchers in one, for smaller cats!
    Soft Bristle Cat BrushSoft Bristle Cat BrushGreat for cats who are averse to more aggressive brushing.
    Soft StepsSoft StepsRemovable cover comes in 6 colors/patterns, with 2 or 3 steps
    Thermo-Kitty BedThermo-Kitty BedAvailable in mocha or sage, in 2 sizes
    Thermo-Kitty MatThermo-Kitty MatGreat for “sprawlers”
    Travel Lite Soft-Sided Cat Pen with Removable TopTravel Lite Soft-Sided Cat Pen with Removable TopAvailable in 3 sizes and 4 colors, this pen can be used for a cat crate, or for kittens
    Travel Lite Steel Cat CrateTravel Lite Steel Cat Crate4 sizes
    Currently unavailable.
    Trellis Print Designer StepsTrellis Print Designer StepsAvailable in 3- or 4-step sizes,
    in four colors:
    • Natural Beige
    • Dark Cranberry
    • Stormy Gray
    • Spa Blue
    Holds up to 150 pounds
    Two 8 oz Cans of KMR Kitten LiquidTwo 8 oz Cans of KMR Kitten LiquidLiquid formula requires no mixing
    Two Safari Stainless Steel Cat Nail TrimmersTwo Safari Stainless Steel Cat Nail TrimmersGood for cats and kittens.
    Valentine’s Happy Kitten KitValentine’s Happy Kitten KitFor your kitten's first Valentine's Day!
    Whale Cat ScratchersWhale Cat ScratchersAvailable in 3 varieties of whale and 3 sizes!
    Cat-Human Age Equivalencies

    Cat-Human Age Equivalencies

    "How old is my kitten in people years?" It's not the commonly used dog-years equivalency of 7 dog years = 1 human year. A kitten goes through an entire human childhood and adolescence in his first year! Here's a chart that will take you through your kitten's first year of life, as far as his mental development goes:

    Cat's Age Human Age
    1 month 5-6 months
    2 months 9-10 months
    3 months 2-4 years
    4 months 5-6 years
    5 months 8-9 years
    6 months 10-15 years
    8 months 15 years
    1 year 15-24 years

    Although their cognitive development is only that of a child entering school, a female kitten can get pregnant by age 4 months, having her first litter at age 6 months. Most veterinarians these days recommend spaying or neutering a cat as soon as that cat is at least 2 pounds in weight, rather than going by age. This prevents the cat from ever reaching their time of sexual maturation, which we humans experience as adolescence. Your cat may still go through the awkwardness of a human teenager, but at least after being "fixed" she won't be coming into heat or spraying urine everywhere around your house!
    Kitten Supplies from Other Retailers

    Kitten Supplies from Other Retailers

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    Colostrum from The Pet Health & Nutrition Center

    Colostrum from The Pet Health & Nutrition Center

    Colostrum for Dogs and Cats
    Click on the ad above to leave Old Maid Cat Lady and shop on The Pet Health & Nutrition Center.

    "The trouble with a kitten is that eventually it becomes a cat."

    --American poet Ogden Nash

    About OldMaidCatLady.com

    About OldMaidCatLady.com

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