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We're a Small Business, Too!

We're a Small Business, Too!

Recently Viewed Items:

Recently Viewed Items:

In Memory of Vixen

In Memory of Vixen

Memorial for my beloved cat Vixen

Supplements to keep all your cat's glands functioning properly.
Endocrine System Support & Diabetes Care

Endocrine System Support & Diabetes Care

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Bind-It Feline Care PackBind-It Feline Care PackSafely cleans radioactive iodine emitted from cats treated with I131 for feline hyperthyroidism
Cushex Drops-M Homeopathic MedicineCushex Drops-M Homeopathic MedicineNatural medicine addressing common issues with Cushing's disease in cats and dogs
FDA NDC: 68703-152-59
Cushex Drops-S Herbal RemedyCushex Drops-S Herbal RemedyPromotes adrenal and pituitary gland balance and health
Eatwell 5 Meal Pet FeederEatwell 5 Meal Pet FeederFor longer times when you can't be home to feed kitty
GlucoEnsure Herbal RemedyGlucoEnsure Herbal RemedyFor Insulin Levels in Pets
A natural remedy to help keep your cat's blood sugar & insulin levels within normal range
LiverAid Homeopathic MedicineLiverAid Homeopathic Medicinefor Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreatic Problems in Pets (granules)
Natural, homeopathic remedy to improve liver, pancreas & gallbladder health & maintain optimum functioning
FDA NDC: 68703-012-20
Pancreas Booster Herbal RemedyPancreas Booster Herbal RemedyFor pancreatic health and digestive functioning (60 Caps)
Natural treatment to support pancreatic health & digestive functioning
PetSafe 2-Meal Timed FeederPetSafe 2-Meal Timed FeederControl your cat's access to dry food while you're at work!
ProsPet Drops Herbal RemedyProsPet Drops Herbal RemedyFor Pet Prostate Problems (2 oz)
Promotes prostate gland health, plus healthy bladder, urinary tract and bowel movements
Sugarbabies: A Holistic Guide to Caring for Your Diabetic Pet Sugarbabies: A Holistic Guide to Caring for Your Diabetic Pet
help for your diabetic cat, by Randi E. Golub
Thyro-Pet Herbal RemedyThyro-Pet Herbal Remedyfor Hypothyroid Conditions in Pets (2 oz)
Herbal remedy promotes healthy thyroid functioning for improved energy levels, metabolism & digestion.
Thyroid Soothe Homeopathic MedicineThyroid Soothe Homeopathic MedicineSoothes Thyroid, Heart & Endocrine System
Natural homeopathic treatment to soothe the thyroid, heart & endocrine systems
FDA NDC: 68703-025-20
TYDTYDNatural, herbal support for your cat's thyroid
Feline Endocrine & Diabetes Care from Affiliated Retailers

Feline Endocrine & Diabetes Care from Affiliated Retailers

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Diabetic cat? This may be your answer!

Diabetic cat? This may be your answer!

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About Your Cat's Endocrine System

About Your Cat's Endocrine System

The feline endocrine system consists of several glands secreting hormones that control the body's metabolism, mineral and fluid balances, digestion, growth, and fertility. These include the thyroid, adrenal, pancreas, testicles, ovaries, and pituitary glands. Imbalance in the hormones secreted by the endocrine system result in diseases. An overactive thyroid gland and diabetes are both in the top 10 conditions that cause cat parents to seek veterinary help. Here's a look at each gland in a little more depth:

The thyroid gland controls the body's metabolism; i.e., the rate at which its cells renew. If it is too active (hyperthyroidism), the cat will lose weight rapidly, be ravenously hungry, vomit and have diarrhea, be hyperactive, and drink & urinate more than usual. Hyperthyroidism can also cause secondary heart problems. It is quite common in very old cats, who may also vocalize more (yowl) as a result of it. If left untreated, it can cause heart and kidney failure. An underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) can cause the cat to be lethargic, gain weight, and have dry skin that leads to matting and hair loss in the coat. An improper ratio of calcium and phosphorus in the cat's diet can lead to malfunction of the thyroid's supporting parathyroid glands. While rare in cats, some young to middle-aged cats may experience this.

The adrenal glands control how the body metabolizes carbohydrates, fats and proteins. They also regulate heart function, blood pressure, and the body's balance of salt to water. Overactive adrenal glands, also known as Cushing's syndrome, are quite rare in cats. It is marked by excessive drinking & urination, an increased appetite, enlarged abdomen, hair loss, thinning skin with a tendency to tear, and a lethargic disposition. Middle-aged to older cats, and especially females, are more likely to develop it. Also rare in cats are underactive adrenal glands, also known as Addison's disease. Cats suffering from this will become leghargic, lose their appetites, and lose weight.

The pancreas secretes several digestive enzymes and hormones, including insulin. If too little insulin is produced the cat may suffer from diabetes mellitus. While cats of any age may develop diabetes, those older than 10 years, obese cats, and neutered males are more susceptible. Diabetic cats will have excessive thirst and urination. Even if their appetite is good or increased, they will become lethargic and suffer weight loss. As the disease worsens, they will lose their appetite and experience vomiting, muscle weakeness, and dehydration. When diagnosed early, diabetes in cats is more often non-insulin dependent, meaning that the pancreas is still producing insulin, but the body is not able to utilize it. But if left untreated, the disease will progress to the insulin-dependent form. Too much insulin can cause a cat to become hypoglycemic, or have low blood sugar. Hypoglycemic cats will be weak, lethargic, and have a wobbly walk. As the condition worsens, they may go into convulsions or even a coma.

The testicles and ovaries produce sex hormones that control the cat's reproductive system. In a neutered male cat, the testicles will be removed. Spayed females will have their ovaries removed. While the hormones produced by these glands are often supplemented in middle-aged humans once the glands slow down or cease production of them, in cats their absence is considered a good thing. Losing these hormones makes cats less frantic, tamer, and stops unwanted behaviors like roaming, fighting, and urinating outside the litter box to mark territory.

The pituitary gland controls all the above glands in the endocrine system. It also regulates growth and conserves bodily fluids by restricting urine output if the cat is dehydrated. Although uncommon, older male cats may have too much growth hormone (acromegaly) and suffer from an unusually large head and paws, weight gain, enlarged abdomen, thickened skin, a forward-jutting lower jaw, and enlargement of the major organs. As this progresses, the organs may fail. Cats with acromegaly usually also suffer from diabetes mellitus. If the pituitary gland doesn't secrete enough antidiuretic hormone (ADH), most often seen in younger male cats, they will have extreme thirst and urinate vast quantities.

If you suspect that your cat's endocrine system is not working properly, visit your veterinarian to get the blood work done so you'll know for sure. Treating your cat with over-the-counter remedies by guessing at what's wrong without this information could endanger your cat's health. Once you know for sure what's going on, you can make better choices on the best treatment.

Sources: Mark E. Peterson, D.V.M. and John F. Randolf, D.V.M., "Endocrine System and Disorders" on Max's House website; The Merck Veterinary Manual; Lorie Huston, D.V.M., "Diabetes Mellitus in the Cat" on; Susan Lee, "Canine & Feline Endocrinology" on eHow.
Shop More Cat Health Products Here:

Shop More Cat Health Products Here:

Alternative RemediesProducts to treat the symptoms of various feline ailments from homeopathic, naturopathic, Ayurvedic, herbal, or other alternatives to Western (allopathic) medical traditions.
Cat Calming & Soothing ProductsProducts to calm and soothe stressed, depressed, or hyperactive cats.
Digestive Support & Hairball RemediesProducts to help your cat's digestive system function optimally, control digestive parasites, and to combat hairballs. This includes products to support the feline pancreas, liver, and gall bladder.
Ear CareProducts to help you care for your cat's ears and relieve ear problems such as mites or wax buildup.
Endocrine Support & Diabetes CareProducts for feline glandular problems, feline diabetes care, thyroid, and other endocrine system support.
Eye CareProducts and supplements to care for your cat's eyes and keep them healthy, and also to combat cosmetic problems like tear staining.
First Aid & Wound CareCat first aid and wound care products for recovery from injuries or surgery.
Flea & Tick ControlProducts to control fleas, ticks, and other external parasites on your cat, and to soothe kitties with flea dermatitis
Cat Health Reference BooksReference books about cat health, care, and wellness to keep your kitty in peak condition!
Cat Heart HealthProducts and supplements to keep your cat's heart and cardiovascular system in tip-top shape!
Homeopathic Medicines for CatsNatural medicines for cats with ingredients based on the Homeopathic Materia Medica, a system of medicine practiced around the world for over 200 years. While no federally recognized clinical or scientific studies exist to attest to the effectiveness of these ingredients, there is much anecdotal evidence that they provide relief. Not all medical experts accept the practice of homeopathic medicine.
Feline Immune System SupportSupplements to keep your cat's immune system healthy. Great for kitties who travel, compete in cat shows, or are being boarded. May also help cats with immune-related disorders such as FIV, FeLV, FIP, or certain cancers. Consult a holistic veterinarian for guidance.
Cat Warming & Cooling ProductsHeaters, warming products, and cooling products for cats, catteries, shelters, and pet cats of all sizes and types.
Cat Hydration SuppliesProducts to encourage cats to drink more water and stay properly hydrated
Feline Joint CareProducts to care for a cat's joints, preventing and relieving pain due to feline arthritis, injury, amputation, etc.
Feline Oral CareProducts to care for your cat's teeth, gums, and mouth or to treat problems of the teeth, mouth and gums.
Feline Respiratory CareProducts to help cats with breathing conditions such as feline asthma, nasal allergies, feline herpes, and upper respiratory infections.
Cat Safety DevicesSafety and protection products to keep your cats safe from dangers such as predators, drowning, roaming, sun damage, traffic, fighting, or toxins.
Skin, Coat & Paw CareProducts to care for your cat's skin, coat, and paws, including wound care supplies.
Feline Urinary Tract CareProducts and supplements to help care for your cat's urinary tract, including the kidneys and bladder.
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