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We're a Small Business, Too!

We're a Small Business, Too!

Recently Viewed Items:

Recently Viewed Items:

In Memory of Vixen

In Memory of Vixen

Memorial for my beloved cat Vixen

Supplies for traveling with your cat, including crates, carriers, strollers, travel beds, car seats, and calming supplements.
Travel Products for Cats

Travel Products for Cats

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AdaptaPet Oral SprayAdaptaPet Oral SprayHomeopathic medicine for calm and balance in newly homed cats, or those recently moved to a new environment
FDA NDC: 68703-291-02
All-Terrain 3 No-Zip Pet StrollerAll-Terrain 3 No-Zip Pet StrollerAvailable in 3 colors and holds up to 75 pounds of cats!
  • Forest Green
  • Midnight River (dark blue)
  • Rugged Red
Amazin' Kitty PadAmazin' Kitty PadAvailable in 1-, 2-, or 3-pack
Auto Barrier Pet PenAuto Barrier Pet PenAvailable in two sizes; great for travel!
Bergan Comfort CarrierBergan Comfort CarrierTwo sizes:
  • 17 x 8 x 11.5 inches
    for cats up to 10 pounds
  • 18 x 19 x 13 inches
    for cats up to 22 pounds
Bergan Top-Opening Cat CarrierBergan Top-Opening Cat CarrierMeasures 10 x 19 x 13 inches
Airline compliant!
Bergan Wheeled Comfort Pet CarrierBergan Wheeled Comfort Pet CarrierTubby tabby? Here's your carrier!
Holds cats up to 22 pounds
  • Black
Binny Top Kitten CarrierBinny Top Kitten CarrierHas removable floor for easy cleaning!
Calm Me Down Calming CollarCalm Me Down Calming CollarAn all-natural herbal solution for stressed kitties!
Calming Sachet SetCalming Sachet SetSet of two aromatherapy sachets!
Cat Bed WarmerCat Bed WarmerWarms any bed; available in 3 sizes!
Cat Bucket Booster Car SeatCat Bucket Booster Car SeatDoes your cat like to ride in the car? This may be just for you!
Cat Carrier and Car SeatCat Carrier and Car SeatIt's two products in one!
Classy Go Cat CarrierClassy Go Cat CarrierBrown/lime green color
3 sizes
Collapsible Cat Play PenCollapsible Cat Play PenPerfect crate for all day, or all night!
Combination Calming CollarCombination Calming CollarCombats both stress and nausea!
Comfort Zone DiffuserComfort Zone DiffuserCalming pheromones
Comfort Zone Multi-Cat RefillsComfort Zone Multi-Cat RefillsAvailable in:
  • 1-count
  • 2-count
  • 6-count
Comfort Zone Single-Cat RefillComfort Zone Single-Cat RefillAvailable in:
  • 1-count
  • 2-count
  • 6-count
Console Booster Pet Car SeatConsole Booster Pet Car SeatAvailable in two sizes and 3 colors!
  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Tan
Daily Probiotic for CatsDaily Probiotic for CatsSupports a healthy digestive tract and immune system!
Deluxe Steel Cat CrateDeluxe Steel Cat CrateLarger sizes, too, for multiple or larger cats
Derma NervDerma NervHelps with:
  • Nervousness
  • Hyperactivity
  • Stress-related separation
  • Motion
  • Tension
  • Transportation
Don't Go! Oral SprayDon't Go! Oral SprayHomeopathic medicine for cats who suffer from separation anxiety
FDA NDC: 68703-270-02
Double Decker Kittywalk Cat StrollerDouble Decker Kittywalk Cat StrollerPerfect for multiple-cat households -
holds up to 60 pounds of cats!
  • Green with Stripes
Expedition Pet StrollerExpedition Pet StrollerHolds up to 150 pounds!
  • Burgundy
  • Blue Sky
Faux Ostrich Signature Leather Choke-Free Harness CollarFaux Ostrich Signature Leather Choke-Free Harness CollarThe most elegant of the Choke-Free leather collars!
Faux Ostrich Signature Leather LeashesFaux Ostrich Signature Leather LeashesMatch the Choke-Free Harness Collars!
Figure 8 Cat HarnessFigure 8 Cat HarnessIs your cat a little Houdini? This harness'll hold 'im!
Figure 8 Cat Harness and Lead SetFigure 8 Cat Harness and Lead SetBuy the harness & lead together and save!
Flying Stroller Royale by KittywalkFlying Stroller Royale by KittywalkDetachable carrier fits under airline seats!
  • for cats up to 30 pounds
Foldable Travel BowlFoldable Travel BowlA handy option for travel or cat shows!
Gentle Digest CapsulesGentle Digest CapsulesSupports a healthy immune system and intestinal balance.
Good To Go Calming CollarGood To Go Calming CollarA natural remedy for cats who suffer from motion sickness!
H-Style Cat Harness in NylonH-Style Cat Harness in NylonComfort and security for your cat.
Happy Trails Cat StrollerHappy Trails Cat StrollerHolds up to 30 pounds of cats!
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Pink Ice
Happy Trails Lite No-Zip Cat StrollerHappy Trails Lite No-Zip Cat StrollerLightweight stroller holds most house cats (up to 25 pounds)
  • Boysenberry
  • Pine Green
  • Jaguar print
Happy Trails No-Zip Pet StrollerHappy Trails No-Zip Pet StrollerEasily get access to your cat!
Holds cats up to 35 pounds.
  • Emerald Green
  • Pink Diamond
  • Sapphire Blue
Hard Sided Premium Cat CarrierHard Sided Premium Cat CarrierProvides both beauty and function!
Healthy Pet Food StationHealthy Pet Food StationKeeps a supply of dry food always available for your cats, with no power required!
Hemp Boutique Cat CarrierHemp Boutique Cat CarrierGreat for a quick vet trip!
I-GO Plus Cat Carrier-Car Seat-BackpackI-GO Plus Cat Carrier-Car Seat-BackpackYou have a rolling suitcase when you travel; why not a rolling cat carrier?
I-GO2 Escort Cat Carrier/Car Seat/BackpackI-GO2 Escort Cat Carrier/Car Seat/BackpackHolds cats up to 15 pounds
I-GO2 Sport Cat Carrier/Car Seat/BackpackI-GO2 Sport Cat Carrier/Car Seat/BackpackHolds cats up to 10 pounds.
I-GO2 Traveler Cat Carrier/Car Seat/BackpackI-GO2 Traveler Cat Carrier/Car Seat/BackpackHolds cats up to 25 pounds.
Insect Shield T-ShirtInsect Shield T-ShirtRepels insects that can cause dangerous diseases!
Jogger No-Zip Pet StrollerJogger No-Zip Pet StrollerHolds up to 75 pounds of cats!
Comes in 3 colors:
  • Forest Green
  • Midnight River (dark blue)
  • Rugged Red
K&H Travel Safety Cat CarrierK&H Travel Safety Cat CarrierPerfect for traveling with your cat in a vehicle!
K9 Optix® Protective EyewearK9 Optix® Protective EyewearYes, sunglasses for your cat. Shut up!
Kitty's Wonderbox 3-PackKitty's Wonderbox 3-PackBe prepared with these disposable litter boxes!
Kittywalk Original Stripe Cat StrollerKittywalk Original Stripe Cat StrollerLets you tour the town with your cat!
Holds cats up to 25 pounds
  • Green with Stripes
Kittywalk Stroller All Weather KitKittywalk Stroller All Weather KitAvailable to fit regular size Kittywalk strollers
Majestic Velvet LeashMajestic Velvet LeashAvailable in 5 colors
Marchioro Clipper Cayman Cat TransporterMarchioro Clipper Cayman Cat TransporterTraveling with kitty by air? You'll need this carrier.
Marchioro Lanca No-Spill Bowl for Clipper Series CarriersMarchioro Lanca No-Spill Bowl for Clipper Series CarriersAvailable in two sizes; clips onto almost any pet carrier with a wire door
Marchioro Skipper Lightweight Cat CarrierMarchioro Skipper Lightweight Cat CarrierEconomical choice for trips to the vet or around town!
Midwest Ovation Single-Door CrateMidwest Ovation Single-Door Cratewith Up and Away Door!
Mochi Pet StrollerMochi Pet StrollerHolds cats up to 20 pounds.
  • Beige with Brown Dots
  • Pink with Brown Dots
No-Zip Double Cat StrollerNo-Zip Double Cat StrollerCarries two cats comfortably - up to 90 pounds!
  • Boysenberry
  • Pine Green
NV No-Zip Pet StrollerNV No-Zip Pet StrollerThe best features of all cat strollers, combined into one!
Holds up to 70 pounds of cats
  • Rosé
  • Skyline (green)
Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizing SprayOrganic Lavender Hand Sanitizing SprayNatural and soothing, as well!
Peekaboo Cat CarrierPeekaboo Cat CarrierA lightweight mesh carrier that allows your cat to see out
Pet Bumper ProtectorsPet Bumper ProtectorsPads the inside of kitty's hard-sided crate for safety!
Pet CotPet CotAssembles with no tools, and is easy to clean!
Pet Gear Booster Seat/Car Seat/BedPet Gear Booster Seat/Car Seat/BedAvailable in two sizes to fit all cat breeds!
Pet Gear Car Seat and CarrierPet Gear Car Seat and Carrier2 sizes, 3 colors
  • Small in Sahara or Park Avenue
  • Large in Black
Pet Gear Generation II Portable Soft Cat CratePet Gear Generation II Portable Soft Cat CrateAvailable in four sizes, for all sizes of cats!
PetCalm Homeopathic MedicinePetCalm Homeopathic MedicineFor Pet Anxiety and Stress
Homeopathic remedy soothes fear and nervousness during stressful situations or everyday disturbances
FCA NDC: 68703-020-20
Petite Gourmet Combo SetPetite Gourmet Combo SetPurr-fect for when you need to go out of town for the weekend!
Petmate Complete Airline Kennel Travel KitPetmate Complete Airline Kennel Travel KitWorks with most plastic carriers
Petmate Vari Kennel Cat CarrierPetmate Vari Kennel Cat CarrierAvailable in two sizes:
  • Cats up to 10 pounds
  • Cats 10-20 pounds
PetSafe Disposable Litter Box with LitterPetSafe Disposable Litter Box with LitterPerfect for traveling or moving with cats!
PetSafe Free to Roam In-Ground Cat FencePetSafe Free to Roam In-Ground Cat FenceKeep your cat in the yard without putting up a fence!
PyntrilPyntrilHelps maintain your cat's physical and mental well-being
R&R Cat ToteR&R Cat ToteAvailable in six different colors!
R&R Pet Sling CarrierR&R Pet Sling CarrierGreat for smaller cats, and meets most airline regulations!
  • Black
  • Fog (Gray)
  • Jaguar Print
  • Mulberry
  • Navy

Recycled Nylon Boutique Cat CarrierRecycled Nylon Boutique Cat CarrierIn 2 sizes & 3 colors!
Rescue Remedy Cat Calming FormulaRescue Remedy Cat Calming Formula

Veterinarian recommended stress reliever

Roadster Cat StrollerRoadster Cat StrollerHolds up to 100 pounds of cats!
  • Ocean Blue
  • Bright Pink

Roll-up Travel BedRoll-up Travel BedRolls up for easy packing!
Royale Classic Kittywalk StrollerRoyale Classic Kittywalk StrollerA cat stroller that easily folds for transport or storage
Holds cats up to 35 pounds
  • Stripes
Self-Warming Crate PadSelf-Warming Crate PadAvailable in sizes to fit almost any crate
Sentry HC Cat GOOD Behavior CollarSentry HC Cat GOOD Behavior CollarWith lavender and chamomile!
Signature Cat Car Seat & CarrierSignature Cat Car Seat & CarrierHolds cats up to 20 pounds
  • Aqua
Signature Leather Choke-Free Collar-HarnessSignature Leather Choke-Free Collar-HarnessGenuine leather conforms to your cat's body shape!
Signature Leather Croco Choke-Free Collar-HarnessSignature Leather Croco Choke-Free Collar-HarnessGenuine leather, in 3 neutral colors!
Signature Leather LeashesSignature Leather LeashesMatch the Choke-Free Collars!
Solvit Bicycle Trailer Cat CarrierSolvit Bicycle Trailer Cat CarrierHolds up to 110 pounds of cats!
Special Edition No-Zip Pet StrollerSpecial Edition No-Zip Pet StrollerHolds up to 45 pounds of cat, and comes in 3 colors!
  • Chocolate
  • Orchid
  • Sage
SprayShield Dog Deterrent SpraySprayShield Dog Deterrent SpraySafer than pepper spray!
Tagalong Open Bicycle Cat CarrierTagalong Open Bicycle Cat CarrierHolds cats up to 13 pounds
The Other Door Steel Cat CrateThe Other Door Steel Cat CrateCat crate is available in three sizes and multiple colors
Tiger Dreamz Luxury Cat BedTiger Dreamz Luxury Cat Bed

Available in 2 sizes and 17 gorgeous faux fur patterns!

Tossa KTossa KFor immune and respiratory support
Trackimo Pet TrackerTrackimo Pet TrackerTrack your cat from anywhere in the world!
Travel BowlTravel BowlFour fun designs!
Travel Lite Cat StrollerTravel Lite Cat StrollerA pure and simple cat stroller, at a great price!
Holds cats up to 15 pounds
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Navy
Travel Lite Soft-Sided Cat Pen with Removable TopTravel Lite Soft-Sided Cat Pen with Removable TopAvailable in 3 sizes and 4 colors, this pen can be used for a cat crate, or for kittens
Travel Lite Steel Cat CrateTravel Lite Steel Cat Crate4 sizes
Currently unavailable.
Travel-Lite Soft Cat CrateTravel-Lite Soft Cat CrateSoft-sided cat crate in 4 sizes
Tru-Fit Smart HarnessTru-Fit Smart Harness

The easiest to use harness on the market today!

Ultra Plush Stroller PadUltra Plush Stroller Pad4 sizes, designed to fit Pet Gear line of strollers
V-Mesh Harness from Doggles WearV-Mesh Harness from Doggles WearCan be adjusted to fit cats, too!
Van Ness Basic Litter PanVan Ness Basic Litter PanAvailable in 4 sizes!
Voyager Pet CarrierVoyager Pet CarrierTwo sizes:
12 x 8 x 17 inches
13 x 19 x 10 inches
  • Air Blue
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Bright Blue
  • Pink
Weather Covers for Pet Gear StrollersWeather Covers for Pet Gear StrollersAvailable in a variety of colors to fit a variety of Pet Gear strollers!
Wicker Tagalong Bicycle Pet CarrierWicker Tagalong Bicycle Pet CarrierHolds up to 13 pounds of cat!
Helpful Cat Travel Information For You:

Helpful Cat Travel Information For You:

You may find these posts from the Old Maid Cat Lady blog informative:

Date Title Summary
November 3, 2011 8 Tips to Keep Your Cat From Becoming the Next "Jack" Traveling safely with your cat in the wake of the tragic
loss of Jack at JFK Airport
April 1, 2010 Traveling with Cats My experience in moving by car with cats

Here are some additional travel stories about cats that may be of interest:
Cat Travel Products from Affiliated Retailers

Cat Travel Products from Affiliated Retailers

The ads shown below are for affiliated retailers.  When you click on the the ad, another window will open that redirects you to their site. If you choose to visit their sites to check out these products, we hope you will return soon to Old Maid Cat Lady!

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PETKIT Smart Wi-Fi Video Cat Monitor

PETKIT Smart Wi-Fi Video Cat Monitor

PetKit Smart Wi-Fi Video Pet and Baby Monitor in Gold
Offered by EntirelyPets.
  • Speak, view, listen, and play interactively with your cat from anywhere in the world
  • Durable aluminum shell casing
  • Built-in 720 HD infrared night vision camera
  • Rotates 340 degrees
  • Interactive laser
  • Built-in speakers & microphone
  • Works with Android and iOS
Click on the image above to visit their site for full details and pricing.
Cat Calming Travel ProductsSoothe your stressed-out kitty with calming formulas when you travel. Whether added to food or water, dispensed in treats, or used in the environment, we have the solutions to calm your frenzied feline on your journey.
Cat CarriersAll types of cat carriers, hard-sided carriers and soft, rolling or not. If you're taking your kitty somewhere, a carrier is the best way. This page has every type of carrier you could want for your feline friend. Check the sub-categories if you don't see what you want here.
Cat StrollersStrollers designed especially for cats, so you can walk with your kitty safely inside. Accessories for your cat strollers to make the walk more enjoyable.
Cat Travel AccessoriesTravel accessories for taking your cat places, or for leaving your cats in someone else's care while you are traveling. 



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