"A cat sees no good reason why it should obey another animal, even if it does stand on two legs."

--American actress Sarah Thompson Kane

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We're a Small Business, Too!

We're a Small Business, Too!

Recently Viewed Items:

Recently Viewed Items:

In Memory of Vixen

In Memory of Vixen

Memorial for my beloved cat Vixen

Yes, cats can be trained! Cat training aids, from clickers, scratchers and lures to treats, how-to books, muzzles, and supplements.
Cat Training Aids

Cat Training Aids

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48-inch Kitty Palm Cat Tree48-inch Kitty Palm Cat TreeA cat tree straight from Florida to your home!
60-inch Kitty Palm Cat Tree60-inch Kitty Palm Cat TreeMost popular size of the Kitty Palm cat tree family
72-inch Kitty Palm Cat Tree72-inch Kitty Palm Cat TreeThe perfect tropical cat tree for larger rooms!
Aggression Formula Homeopathic MedicineAggression Formula Homeopathic Medicinefor Stressed & Aggressive Pets
Homeopathic remedy reduces excessive growling, biting, and scratching associated with aggression
FDA NDC: 68703-011-20
Brain Games for CatsBrain Games for Catsby Claire Arrowsmith
Cat ConfidentialCat ConfidentialThe Book Your Cat Would Want You to Read, by Vicky Halls
Cat DetectiveCat DetectiveSolving the Mystery of Your Cat's Behavior, by Vicky Halls
Cat Grass Plus Dual TubsCat Grass Plus Dual TubsCat eating your plants? Get this as an alternative!
Cat Scene InvestigatorCat Scene InvestigatorSolve Your Cat's Litter Box Mystery
by Dusty Rainbolt, ACCBC
Cat SpeakCat Speak

Recognising and Understanding Behaviour

by Brigitte Rauth-Widmann

Cheese Cat Scratcher in 3 SizesCheese Cat Scratcher in 3 SizesAvailable in 2 sizes
Collapsible Cat Play PenCollapsible Cat Play PenPerfect crate for all day, or all night!
Comfort Zone Multi-Cat Calming DiffuserComfort Zone Multi-Cat Calming DiffuserIntroducing a new cat to your clowder? You need this!
Available in 1- or 2-room sizes.
Cosmic Alpine Inclined Cat ScratcherCosmic Alpine Inclined Cat ScratcherIf your cats like to scratch on a slope, this is the scratcher for them.
Cosmic Cardboard Cat ScratcherCosmic Cardboard Cat ScratcherGot a cat who likes to scratch your carpet or the top of your sofa? Here's the right scratcher for him!
Cosmic Double Wide Cardboard Cat ScratcherCosmic Double Wide Cardboard Cat ScratcherTreated with Cosmic Catnip, what cat can resist this?
Cosmic Tuna FlakesCosmic Tuna FlakesIt just takes a little of this to satisfy your cat!
Cozy Curl Cat ScratcherCozy Curl Cat ScratcherAvailable in 3 fun patterns to complement your décor
Crab Cat ScratcherCrab Cat ScratcherEarth-friendly and made in the USA!
Don't Go! Oral SprayDon't Go! Oral SprayHomeopathic medicine for cats who suffer from separation anxiety
FDA NDC: 68703-270-02
Epic Cat Scram Granular RepellentEpic Cat Scram Granular RepellentOrganic
Safe around plants, children, and pets!
Fins 'n Feathers Nesting Cat Scratcher DuoFins 'n Feathers Nesting Cat Scratcher DuoComes with feather wand!
Fish Bone Cat ScratcherFish Bone Cat ScratcherAvailable in 5 color combinations
Fish N' Chips Cat ScratcherFish N' Chips Cat ScratcherKitty an Anglophile? Here’s his scratcher!
Flip the Dolphin Cat ScratcherFlip the Dolphin Cat ScratcherThis friendly dolphin could become your cat’s best friend!
Football Combo Cat ScratcherFootball Combo Cat ScratcherTwo scratchers in one!
Four Paws Repellent Spray For CatsFour Paws Repellent Spray For CatsWant to keep cats from jumping up on something? This could be your answer.
Getting Started: Clicker Training for CatsGetting Started: Clicker Training for CatsWho says cats can't be trained? Certainly not we!
Giant Christmas Tree 2-in-1 Cat ScratcherGiant Christmas Tree 2-in-1 Cat ScratcherMade in the USA of 100% recycled materials!
Giant Purr-fect Stretch Cat Scratcher LoungeGiant Purr-fect Stretch Cat Scratcher LoungeOver a yard long!
Giant Tiger ScratcherGiant Tiger ScratcherPerfect for larger or multiple cats
Golf Ball Cat ScratcherGolf Ball Cat ScratcherAre you a golfer? Your cat can be, too, with this scratcher
Grand Scratch ‘n PadGrand Scratch ‘n PadA larger scratcher for larger cats
Hanging Cat ScratchersHanging Cat ScratchersAvailable in 11 designs!
Happy Cat, Happy You: Quick Tips for Building a Bond With Your Feline FriendHappy Cat, Happy You: Quick Tips for Building a Bond With Your Feline Friendby Arden Moore
Iguana Cat ScratcherIguana Cat ScratcherSmall, medium, and large sizes available to suit cats of all sizes!
Keep Off! Repellent Spray for CatsKeep Off! Repellent Spray for CatsWorks both indoors and outdoors!
Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy and HealthyKeeping Your Indoor Cat Happy and Healthyby Arden Moore
Kitty Palm Cat Scratching PostKitty Palm Cat Scratching PostThis scratching post brings a taste of the tropics to your home!
Kong Naturals Premium Catnip SprayKong Naturals Premium Catnip SprayCat prefer the Kong brand of catnip? Here it is, in a handy spray!
Liquid Fence Dog and Cat RepellentLiquid Fence Dog and Cat RepellentMade with natural plant oils
Medium Purr-fect Stretch Cat ScratcherMedium Purr-fect Stretch Cat ScratcherAvailable in three patterns to complement your décor
Mega Scratch 'n PadMega Scratch 'n PadThe perfect size for most cats - and makes a great gift for shelters, too!
Mouse & Hedgehog Nesting Cat ScratchersMouse & Hedgehog Nesting Cat ScratchersTwo scratchers in one!
Naughty No MoreNaughty No MoreChange Unwanted Behaviors Through Positive Reinforcement
cat training book by Marilyn Krieger
Pawz Away Spray Cat DeterrentPawz Away Spray Cat DeterrentTells kitty "No!" even when you're not around!
PawzAway® Spray Can RefillPawzAway® Spray Can Refill

In unscented or citronella

Petiquette:Petiquette:Solving Behavior Problems In Your Multipet Households
by Amy Shojai
PetSafe Deluxe In-Ground Cat FencePetSafe Deluxe In-Ground Cat FenceYou can't see it...but kitty knows it's there!
PetSafe Free to Roam In-Ground Cat FencePetSafe Free to Roam In-Ground Cat FenceKeep your cat in the yard without putting up a fence!
PetSafe In-Ground Fence Extra Cat CollarPetSafe In-Ground Fence Extra Cat CollarWorks with PetSafe's regular and deluxe in-ground cat fences
Premium PawzAway Cat Deterrent MatPremium PawzAway Cat Deterrent MatDelivers a safe, mild static shock to keep cats away from forbidden areas.
Pyramid Cat ScratcherPyramid Cat ScratcherAvailable in 3 prints or natural
Regular Cat SofaRegular Cat SofaTired of your cat scratching your sofa? Get her one of her own!
Rub N' Ramp Cat ScratcherRub N' Ramp Cat ScratcherAvailable in your choice of 3 lovely patterns to complement your décor!
Scat Mat Cat Training AidScat Mat Cat Training Aid

Keep cats off forbidden areas!

Scat Mat Extension Cat DeterrentScat Mat Extension Cat DeterrentExtends the coverage of your Scat Mat!
Scat Mat Power AdapterScat Mat Power AdapterTired of replacing batteries for your Scat Mat? Plug it in!
Scoop Cat SofaScoop Cat SofaContemporary shape for your stylish kitty!
Scratch N' Snooze Cat ScratcherScratch N' Snooze Cat ScratcherAvailable in 3 patterns to complement your décor
Scratch-Not Spray for CatsScratch-Not Spray for CatsSafe and non-irritating spray can be used on furniture, walls, carpets, drapes...or even on the cat!
Small Christmas Tree 2-in-1 Cat ScratcherSmall Christmas Tree 2-in-1 Cat ScratcherTwo scratchers in one!
Small Purr-fect Stretch Cat Scratcher LoungeSmall Purr-fect Stretch Cat Scratcher LoungeAvailable in 3 patterns to complement your décor.
Small Tiger Cat ScratcherSmall Tiger Cat ScratcherGreat for smaller cats and kittens!
Soccer Ball Cat ScratcherSoccer Ball Cat ScratcherDoesn’t your cat need his own soccer ball to kick around?
Sophie Cat SofaSophie Cat SofaFun, curvy shape is also reversible!
SSSCat Cat Control SystemSSSCat Cat Control SystemIt's the ultimate cat control system!
SSScat RefillSSScat RefillKeep plenty on hand to keep those kittehs off the kitchen counters!
StarMark Training ClickerStarMark Training ClickerFor clicker training of cats -- yes, really!
Super Catnip 20-Inch Scratching PostSuper Catnip 20-Inch Scratching PostGive your kitties an alternative to your furniture!
Teaching Your Cat Simple TricksTeaching Your Cat Simple Tricksby Arden Moore
The Cat Behavior Answer BookThe Cat Behavior Answer Book

Practical Insights and Proven Solutions for Your Feline Questions

by Arden Moore, illustrated by Matt Ambre, with foreword by Nancy Peterson
The Complete Cat’s MeowThe Complete Cat’s MeowEverything You Need to Know About Caring for Your Cat, an award winning book by Darlene Arden
The Multiple-Cat FamilyThe Multiple-Cat Familyby Sheila Webster Boneham, Ph.D.
The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cats, Cat Breeds & Cat CareThe Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cats, Cat Breeds & Cat CareA Comprehensive, Practical Care and Training Manual and a Definitive Encyclopedia of World Breeds
Think Like a CatThink Like a CatHow to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat, Not a Sour Puss by Pam Johnson-Bennett
Through a Cat's Ear, Volume 2 CDThrough a Cat's Ear, Volume 2 CDMusic to stimulate your cat
by Joshua Leeds and Lisa Spector
Tossa KTossa KFor immune and respiratory support
Tower Tunnel Cat ScratcherTower Tunnel Cat ScratcherAvailable in 3 lovely patterns to complement your décor
Triangle Combo Cat ScratcherTriangle Combo Cat ScratcherAvailable in 3 fun patterns, to complement any décor
Turtle Cat ScratchersTurtle Cat ScratchersYour can can scratch in four different directions with this scratcher
Twisted WhiskersTwisted Whiskers

Solving Your Cat's Behavior Problems

by Pam Johnson-Bennett

Two Lixit 16-oz. Cat Treat JarsTwo Lixit 16-oz. Cat Treat JarsThese will be your cat's favorite jars!
Whale Cat ScratchersWhale Cat ScratchersAvailable in 3 varieties of whale and 3 sizes!
Why Cats Do ThatWhy Cats Do ThatA Collection of Curious Kitty Quirks

by Karen Anderson, illustrated by Wendy Christensen
Why Do Cats Do That?Why Do Cats Do That?Real Answers to the Curious Things Cats Do
Helpful information from pet columnist Kim Campbell Thornton
Some Helpful Information For You:

Some Helpful Information For You:

You may find this post from the Old Maid Cat Lady blog helpful:

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February 27, 2012 Do You Train Your Cat? Cat training tools & methods

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About OldMaidCatLady.com

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