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We're a Small Business, Too!

We're a Small Business, Too!

Recently Viewed Items:

Recently Viewed Items:

In Memory of Vixen

In Memory of Vixen

Memorial for my beloved cat Vixen

Supplies for cat shows, from crates and grooming to transporters and calming remedies.
Cat Show Supplies

Cat Show Supplies

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5th Avenue Kittywalk Cat Stroller5th Avenue Kittywalk Cat StrollerDesigner luxury cat stroller doubles as a carrier
Holds cats up to 25 pounds
  • Navy Blue
  • Pink
AdaptaPet Oral SprayAdaptaPet Oral SprayHomeopathic medicine for calm and balance in newly homed cats, or those recently moved to a new environment
FDA NDC: 68703-291-02
Aggression Formula Homeopathic MedicineAggression Formula Homeopathic Medicinefor Stressed & Aggressive Pets
Homeopathic remedy reduces excessive growling, biting, and scratching associated with aggression
FDA NDC: 68703-011-20
Aloe Care DematterAloe Care DematterBreaks up mats on long-haired and double-coated cats
Angels’ Eyes Tear Stain PreventerAngels’ Eyes Tear Stain PreventerPrevents tear stains from the inside out!
Auto Barrier Pet PenAuto Barrier Pet PenAvailable in two sizes; great for travel!
B-Air Cub CP-1 Cat DryerB-Air Cub CP-1 Cat DryerPro groomer's cat dryer available in 3 colors!
B-Air Cub Dryer Filter KitB-Air Cub Dryer Filter KitProtects your Cub CP-1 dryer motor from overheating
B-Air Cub Dryer Replacement FiltersB-Air Cub Dryer Replacement FiltersKeep plenty on hand!
B-Air Cub Duct Dryer KitB-Air Cub Duct Dryer KitKitty Scared of the Dryer? Try this!
Bergan Comfort CarrierBergan Comfort CarrierTwo sizes!
Bergan Wheeled Comfort Pet CarrierBergan Wheeled Comfort Pet CarrierTubby tabby? Here's your carrier!
Holds cats up to 22 pounds
  • Black
Bio Spot Cat Flea and Tick ShampooBio Spot Cat Flea and Tick ShampooKills fleas, ticks, and lice on contact!
Brain Health Supplement for Cats and KittensBrain Health Supplement for Cats and KittensHerbal supplement for cats and kittens 8 weeks or older
Calm Me Down Calming CollarCalm Me Down Calming CollarAn all-natural herbal solution for stressed kitties!
Calming Soft Chews for CatsCalming Soft Chews for CatsHelps calm your cat without the use of any herbal ingredients!
Cat Shedding CombCat Shedding CombSpringtime is shedding time!
Cat Slicker BrushCat Slicker BrushSlicker brush with wooden handle
Cat Slicker CombCat Slicker CombSlicker comb is great for cats who don't like the brush.
ConAirPRO Cat Nail ClippersConAirPRO Cat Nail ClippersWith Memory Grip handles to make trimming your cat's claws a breeze!
ConairPRO Cat Safety-Tip ShearsConairPRO Cat Safety-Tip ShearsGood for:
  • fine finishing work
  • trimming a cat's coat for evenness 
  • cutting out mats that cannot be combed out
ConairPRO Cat Small Pin BrushConairPRO Cat Small Pin Brush
  • Good first step for grooming long-haired cats
  • Daily brushing and detangling
  • Memory grip handle
ConairPRO Cat Small Slicker BrushConairPRO Cat Small Slicker Brush
  • Wire bristles
  • Medium to long coats
  • Memory Grip handle
ConAirPRO Cat Small Soft SlickerConAirPRO Cat Small Soft Slicker
  • Good for cats with medium to long hair
  • Works out tangles and mats
  • Removes loose hair, dirt, and dander
  • Ultra-soft bristles
ConAirPRO Medium Cat CombConAirPRO Medium Cat CombA finishing comb with a soft, non-slip grip
Deluxe Steel Cat CrateDeluxe Steel Cat CrateLarger sizes, too, for multiple or larger cats
Derma NervDerma NervHelps with:
  • Nervousness
  • Hyperactivity
  • Stress-related separation
  • Motion
  • Tension
  • Transportation
Double Decker Kittywalk Cat StrollerDouble Decker Kittywalk Cat StrollerPerfect for multiple-cat households -
holds up to 60 pounds of cats!
  • Green with Stripes
EcoPure Naturals Herbal Conditioner for Cats and DogsEcoPure Naturals Herbal Conditioner for Cats and DogsSafe for cats of all ages and breeds!
EcoPure Naturals Herbal Shampoo for Cats and DogsEcoPure Naturals Herbal Shampoo for Cats and DogsWith essential oils of cedarwood, sweet flag, and eucalyptus
Espree Kitten ShampooEspree Kitten ShampooFormulated just for kittens!
Expedition Pet StrollerExpedition Pet StrollerHolds up to 150 pounds!
  • Burgundy
  • Blue Sky
Eye-Heal Herbal Cleansing SolutionEye-Heal Herbal Cleansing SolutionA natural, herbal solution for cleansing a cat's eyes
Felinedophilus Probiotic Gel for CatsFelinedophilus Probiotic Gel for CatsLiquid probiotic supplement promotes digestive & immune health
Flying Stroller Royale by KittywalkFlying Stroller Royale by KittywalkDetachable carrier fits under airline seats!
  • for cats up to 30 pounds
Foldable Travel BowlFoldable Travel BowlA handy option for travel or cat shows!
FURminator Cat DeshedderFURminator Cat DeshedderAvailable in four varieties, to match every type of cat!
Gastro Vegi-Dophilus Probiotic Powder for CatsGastro Vegi-Dophilus Probiotic Powder for CatsPowder probiotic supplement aids digestive & immune health
Gripsoft Cat Slicker BrushGripsoft Cat Slicker BrushSoft Slicker Brush is great for cats with sensitive skin. Use with the pin brush for a perfect, show-quality coat!
Groom Genie for CatsGroom Genie for Cats
  • Detangles
  • Calms
  • Distributes Natural Oils
Gumz-n-Teeth Herbal RemedyGumz-n-Teeth Herbal RemedyFor Healthy Pet Gums and Teeth
Natural pet dental care remedy for healthy teeth, gums, and overall oral health.
Happy Trails Cat StrollerHappy Trails Cat StrollerHolds up to 30 pounds of cats!
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Pink Ice
Happy Trails Lite No-Zip Cat StrollerHappy Trails Lite No-Zip Cat StrollerLightweight stroller holds most house cats (up to 25 pounds)
  • Boysenberry
  • Pine Green
  • Jaguar print
Happy Trails No-Zip Pet StrollerHappy Trails No-Zip Pet StrollerEasily get access to your cat!
Holds cats up to 35 pounds.
  • Emerald Green
  • Pink Diamond
  • Sapphire Blue
Internal Gold Detox KitInternal Gold Detox KitUse every spring and fall to keep your cat in optimal condition!
K&H Travel Safety Cat CarrierK&H Travel Safety Cat CarrierPerfect for traveling with your cat in a vehicle!
KC-Defense Homeopathic MedicineKC-Defense Homeopathic Medicinefor Cough, Respiratory in Pets
Natural homeopathic respiratory remedy relieves dry, hacking cough & sneezing & provides respiratory & immunity protection!
Available in granules or oral spray
FDA NDC: 68703-023-20
Kitty's Wonderbox 3-PackKitty's Wonderbox 3-PackBe prepared with these disposable litter boxes!
Kittywalk Original Emerald StrollerKittywalk Original Emerald StrollerArms tired? Take your cats to the vet in this instead!
Holds cats up to 25 pounds
  • Green with Stripes
Kittywalk Original Stripe SUV Cat StrollerKittywalk Original Stripe SUV Cat StrollerLarger than Kittywalk’s Original Stripe cat stroller
Holds cats up to 50 pounds
  • Green, Blue, Red Stripes
Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder for CatsKwik-Stop Styptic Powder for CatsStops bleeding while trimming claws, or on minor cuts
Marchioro Clipper Cayman Cat TransporterMarchioro Clipper Cayman Cat TransporterTraveling with kitty by air? You'll need this carrier.
Mat Removing Cat CombMat Removing Cat CombJust the comb for longer coats with lots of mats and tangles.
Natural Herbal Ear Care by EcoPureNatural Herbal Ear Care by EcoPureFor when kitty needs a little help cleaning the ears
NV No-Zip Pet StrollerNV No-Zip Pet StrollerThe best features of all cat strollers, combined into one!
Holds up to 70 pounds of cats
  • Rosé
  • Skyline (green)
Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizing SprayOrganic Lavender Hand Sanitizing SprayNatural and soothing, as well!
Otaxium DropsOtaxium DropsA natural blend of herbs that helps support your cat's normal ear function
Pet Gear Car Seat and CarrierPet Gear Car Seat and Carrier2 sizes, 3 colors
  • Small in Sahara or Park Avenue
  • Large in Black
Pet Gear Generation II Portable Soft Cat CratePet Gear Generation II Portable Soft Cat CrateAvailable in four sizes, for all sizes of cats!
PetCalm Homeopathic MedicinePetCalm Homeopathic MedicineFor Pet Anxiety and Stress
Homeopathic remedy soothes fear and nervousness during stressful situations or everyday disturbances
FCA NDC: 68703-020-20
Petkin Kitty Wipes Instant Cat BathPetkin Kitty Wipes Instant Cat BathDirty kitty? Try these! (Cheaper by the case.)
PetzLife Bath Eaze Waterless ShampooPetzLife Bath Eaze Waterless Shampoo

Useful for cats who won’t tolerate a bath

PetzLife Oral Care 12-ozPetzLife Oral Care 12-oz

Available in original peppermint or with wild salmon oil

Pin and Bristle Combo Cat BrushPin and Bristle Combo Cat BrushDual-sided brush is two brushes in one!
Pro Pawty Litter Box CoverPro Pawty Litter Box CoverIncludes littertraX mat to clean kitty's feet!
PyntrilPyntrilHelps maintain your cat's physical and mental well-being
R&R Pet Sling CarrierR&R Pet Sling CarrierGreat for smaller cats, and meets most airline regulations!
  • Black
  • Fog (Gray)
  • Jaguar Print
  • Mulberry
  • Navy

Rescue Remedy Pet Cat Calming FormulaRescue Remedy Pet Cat Calming Formula

Veterinarian recommended stress reliever

Rinse Ace 3-way Pet Faucet SprayerRinse Ace 3-way Pet Faucet SprayerWorks with a regular bathroom faucet!
Roadster Cat StrollerRoadster Cat StrollerHolds up to 100 pounds of cats!
  • Ocean Blue
  • Bright Pink

Roll-up Travel BedRoll-up Travel BedRolls up for easy packing!
Royale Classic Kittywalk StrollerRoyale Classic Kittywalk StrollerA cat stroller that easily folds for transport or storage
Holds cats up to 35 pounds
  • Stripes
Safari Cat Curry BrushSafari Cat Curry BrushThes cat brushes are perfect for cats with shorter hair.
Safari Self-cleaning Slicker Brush For CatsSafari Self-cleaning Slicker Brush For CatsA cat slicker that's clever and convenient
Self-Warming Crate PadSelf-Warming Crate PadAvailable in sizes to fit almost any crate
Sentry HC Cat GOOD Behavior CollarSentry HC Cat GOOD Behavior CollarWith lavender and chamomile!
Skin and Coat Tonic Herbal RemedySkin and Coat Tonic Herbal RemedyFor Pets' Shining, Healthy Skin & Coat (60 Caps)
Natural remedy to promote healthy skin & shiny, glossy coats.
Soft Bristle Cat BrushSoft Bristle Cat BrushGreat for cats who are averse to more aggressive brushing.
Special Edition No-Zip Pet StrollerSpecial Edition No-Zip Pet StrollerHolds up to 45 pounds of cat, and comes in 3 colors!
  • Chocolate
  • Orchid
  • Sage
Steel Cat CombSteel Cat CombLong-haired cat? You need this comb.
Tear Stain Pads by ecoPure NaturalsTear Stain Pads by ecoPure NaturalsSafely and gently removes brown tear stains on white cats!
The Other Door Steel Cat CrateThe Other Door Steel Cat CrateCat crate is available in three sizes and multiple colors
The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cats, Cat Breeds & Cat CareThe Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cats, Cat Breeds & Cat CareA Comprehensive, Practical Care and Training Manual and a Definitive Encyclopedia of World Breeds
Tip Pin Cat BrushTip Pin Cat BrushTipped wire bristles for comfort.
Tossa KTossa KFor immune and respiratory support
Trackimo Pet TrackerTrackimo Pet TrackerTrack your cat from anywhere in the world!
Travel BowlTravel BowlFour fun designs!
Travel Lite Cat StrollerTravel Lite Cat StrollerA pure and simple cat stroller, at a great price!
Holds cats up to 15 pounds
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Navy
Travel Lite Steel Cat CrateTravel Lite Steel Cat Crate4 sizes
Currently unavailable.
Travel-Lite Soft Cat CrateTravel-Lite Soft Cat CrateSoft-sided cat crate in 4 sizes
Helpful Information For You:

Helpful Information For You:

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