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We're a Small Business, Too!

We're a Small Business, Too!

Recently Viewed Items:

Recently Viewed Items:

In Memory of Vixen

In Memory of Vixen

Memorial for my beloved cat Vixen

Keep your cat's vision healthy and eyes clear with feline eye care products from!
Feline Eye Care Products

Feline Eye Care Products

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Angels’ Eyes Tear Stain PreventerAngels’ Eyes Tear Stain PreventerPrevents tear stains from the inside out!
Espree Optisoothe Eye WashEspree Optisoothe Eye WashUse for dry eyes or to flush something out of kitty's eye.
Eye-Heal Herbal Cleansing SolutionEye-Heal Herbal Cleansing SolutionA natural, herbal solution for cleansing a cat's eyes
K9 Optix® Protective EyewearK9 Optix® Protective EyewearYes, sunglasses for your cat. Shut up!
L-Lysine Soft Chews for CatsL-Lysine Soft Chews for CatsContains antibodies to help your kitty when recovering from illness.
Nutri-Vet L-Lysine Soft Chews for CatsNutri-Vet L-Lysine Soft Chews for Cats90-count chews in a chicken liver and cheese flavor
Tear Stain Pads by ecoPure NaturalsTear Stain Pads by ecoPure NaturalsSafely and gently removes brown tear stains on white cats!
About Your Cat's Eyes

About Your Cat's Eyes

"Who can believe that there is no soul
beind those luminous eyes?"

                   --French writer and critic Theophile Gautier

Beautiful, wild, and mesmerizing, a cat's eyes are also structured for maximum functionality.

The first thing most people notice about feline eyes is the vertical pupil. Unlike our own pupils that are always round, a cat's pupil can narrow to a veritable slit. This both protects the cat's eyes in bright light and gives him the ability to open the pupil three times as wide as ours, maximizing incoming light in low-light conditions.

Cats also have three times as many light receptors in their eyes as humans. In the back of the cat's eye is the tapetum, a special layer designed to reflect light. This makes the eyes act as mini-headlights, throwing light back out so the cat can see better in 1/6 the light we require to see. However, it is a myth that cats can see in complete darkness; they can't.

A cat's pupils can be observed to indicate the cat's mood, as well. Relaxed, happy cats' eyes may look darker in color due to enlarged pupils, just as a human's pupils will dilate when gazing at something that pleases them. But large pupils in a cat can also indicate fear or excitement. If a cat's pupil is just a slit and it's not in bright light, that's one angry kitty! Observe its other body language to be sure, but be wary of a cat with narrowed pupils. Slow blinking in a cat is a sign of contentment, especially when staring at an adored you! In fact, doing this yourself as you sit calmly next to your cat can calm him.

A cat's eyes are also designed to respond to movement, making our feline friends quite formidable hunters. The images a cat sees up close may be more fuzzy than what we see, and they can't see anything right underneath their noses; cats would be terrible readers! Feline eyes are better designed for seeing at a distance. Their visible color spectrum is also narrower than ours, most likely including higher-frequency blues and greens, but not the longer-wavelength reds. One cat even chose the color of her mistress's house: "catnip green"!

You may have noticed that when your cat isn't feeling well, a membrane emerges from the inside corner of the eye to partially cover it. This is known as the "third eyelid" or nictating membrane, and is there to protect the eye from damage and dryness. Dozing cats may also display the third eyelid, so it is not always a sign of illness.

Feline Eye Problems

Be aware of your cat's eye health. Many conditions, if left untreated, can result in blindness. Your veterinarian should examine the cat to make sure of the cause before you seek over-the-counter remedies for a cat's eye problems.

Several things may cause the membranes covering your cat's eyes to become inflamed, a condition known as conjunctivitis. Causes can include allergies, bacterial, fungal, or viral infections. Some cats may contract a herpes viral infection in the eyes that can return, just as it does in humans. Such an infection is also contagious to other cats. 

A different type of cat eye inflammation is known as feline uveitis. This is swelling of the iris and surrounding area (the "ciliary body" and choroid) that contains a lot of blood vessels. Cats suffering from this may squint or be sensitive to light. You may see the third eyelid appearing. There may be tears running from the eye and redness apparent in the white portion of the eye. The pupil may be oddly shaped and the iris may have a "muddy" color or appear cloudy. The eye may also be enlarged, especially if glaucoma is present. Feline uveitis is most often caused by trauma to the eye, infection, or cancer. It can be a symptom of several feline diseases, most of which are life-threatening. While the uveitis itself may be treated, it is also essential to treat the underlying cause of it.

Because cats get into everything, they can scratch the cornea of an eye, resulting in ulceration. This may also happen in a cat fight. In severe cases, a cat's eye may need to be surgically removed if the damage is bad enough.

Older cats are susceptible to cataracts and glaucoma. Cats with diabetes may also develop cataracts. They cause the eyes to appear cloudy, and the cat may not see clearly at all. My little Vixen will sometimes walk over to another seat in the room where I'm sitting and look up at it as though I'm there because she can't see me sitting across the room.

Systemic yeast infections can cause the brown staining, or epiphora, under a light-colored cat's eyes that looks like tear stains. This can be controlled with a dietary supplement, and by products designed to wash the area around the eyes. The condition is not typically harmful to the cat's eyes or vision, just unsightly, and is really only a problem if the cat is being shown. Tear staining can also be caused by allergies, environmental irritants, an inflamed tear duct, eyelashes growing oddly, or certain minerals in the cat's drinking water. Use stainless steel bowls instead of plastic to eliminate this latter problem. If allergy is the culprit, you may need to experiment with your cat's diet to remove the offending item.

Whatever problem is affecting your cat's eyes, your first step should be a visit to your veterinarian to determine the cause. Once you know that, you can more safely choose the appropriate treatment.
Shop More Cat Health Products Here:

Shop More Cat Health Products Here:

Alternative RemediesProducts to treat the symptoms of various feline ailments from homeopathic, naturopathic, Ayurvedic, herbal, or other alternatives to Western (allopathic) medical traditions.
Cat Calming & Soothing ProductsProducts to calm and soothe stressed, depressed, or hyperactive cats.
Digestive Support & Hairball RemediesProducts to help your cat's digestive system function optimally, control digestive parasites, and to combat hairballs. This includes products to support the feline pancreas, liver, and gall bladder.
Ear CareProducts to help you care for your cat's ears and relieve ear problems such as mites or wax buildup.
Endocrine Support & Diabetes CareProducts for feline glandular problems, feline diabetes care, thyroid, and other endocrine system support.
Eye CareProducts and supplements to care for your cat's eyes and keep them healthy, and also to combat cosmetic problems like tear staining.
First Aid & Wound CareCat first aid and wound care products for recovery from injuries or surgery.
Flea & Tick ControlProducts to control fleas, ticks, and other external parasites on your cat, and to soothe kitties with flea dermatitis
Cat Health Reference BooksReference books about cat health, care, and wellness to keep your kitty in peak condition!
Cat Heart HealthProducts and supplements to keep your cat's heart and cardiovascular system in tip-top shape!
Homeopathic Medicines for CatsNatural medicines for cats with ingredients based on the Homeopathic Materia Medica, a system of medicine practiced around the world for over 200 years. While no federally recognized clinical or scientific studies exist to attest to the effectiveness of these ingredients, there is much anecdotal evidence that they provide relief. Not all medical experts accept the practice of homeopathic medicine.
Feline Immune System SupportSupplements to keep your cat's immune system healthy. Great for kitties who travel, compete in cat shows, or are being boarded. May also help cats with immune-related disorders such as FIV, FeLV, FIP, or certain cancers. Consult a holistic veterinarian for guidance.
Cat Warming & Cooling ProductsHeaters, warming products, and cooling products for cats, catteries, shelters, and pet cats of all sizes and types.
Cat Hydration SuppliesProducts to encourage cats to drink more water and stay properly hydrated
Feline Joint CareProducts to care for a cat's joints, preventing and relieving pain due to feline arthritis, injury, amputation, etc.
Feline Oral CareProducts to care for your cat's teeth, gums, and mouth or to treat problems of the teeth, mouth and gums.
Feline Respiratory CareProducts to help cats with breathing conditions such as feline asthma, nasal allergies, feline herpes, and upper respiratory infections.
Cat Safety DevicesSafety and protection products to keep your cats safe from dangers such as predators, drowning, roaming, sun damage, traffic, fighting, or toxins.
Skin, Coat & Paw CareProducts to care for your cat's skin, coat, and paws, including wound care supplies.
Feline Urinary Tract CareProducts and supplements to help care for your cat's urinary tract, including the kidneys and bladder.
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We're a small business, founded by a genuine old maid cat lady who loves her cats the same as if they were her children, just like you do yours. All products are shipped directly to you from our suppliers; we don't maintain any inventory. This eliminates double shipping, warehousing and staffing that would drive up costs, allowing us to price our items as reasonably as possible. When it comes to shipping, we charge you only what our suppliers charge us to ship the items to you. Those retailers who offer you "free" shipping are only raising their prices to cover the cost of shipping, and we'd rather be honest with you about it. If our suppliers include shipping in the prices of the items, we offer the same to you. We try to treat all our customers the way we'd like to be treated ourselves, and appreciate your taking the time to get to know us a little. If you'd like to know more, click on the "About Us" link in the menu.

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Please Note:

Old Maid Cat Lady does not make any claims as to the effectiveness of any of these products in treating diseases or conditions.  Different cats react differently to homeopathic or natural remedies.  Always check with your veterinarian if you suspect that your cat doesn't seem right, or exhibits behavior that may mean illness and a need for medical treatment.