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We're a Small Business, Too!

We're a Small Business, Too!

Recently Viewed Items:

Recently Viewed Items:

In Memory of Vixen

In Memory of Vixen

Memorial for my beloved cat Vixen

Toys for cats to play with, including self-entertainment cat toys to stimulate kitty's mind and interactive toys so you can play with your cat to cement the bond between you.
Cat Toys

Cat Toys

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Big MouseBig MousePlush and stuffed with fiberfill.
Bulk Cat Play BallsBulk Cat Play BallsFour dozen cat play balls!
Canvas Frog Cat ToyCanvas Frog Cat ToyOrganic catnip-stuffed, and made in the USA!
Canvas Kick Cat ToyCanvas Kick Cat ToyAvailable in two sizes!
Canvas Lizard Cat ToyCanvas Lizard Cat ToyGrown and sewn in the USA!
Cat Charmer Interactive Cat ToyCat Charmer Interactive Cat ToyThe Golden Boys love theirs!
Cat Dancer Deluxe Cat ToyCat Dancer Deluxe Cat ToyEvery cat loves a Cat Dancer!
Cat Power TowerCat Power TowerEarth-friendly, versatile, and beautiful, too!
(No longer available, but watch for two new models coming summer, 2014!)
Cat Rattles Bag of 20 ToysCat Rattles Bag of 20 ToysCats love these!
Cat Sushi Catnip ToysCat Sushi Catnip ToysKitty will be in sushi heaven!
Catnip Balls Bag of 40 ToysCatnip Balls Bag of 40 ToysA classic toy, filled with organic catnip!
Catnip Cat DancerCatnip Cat DancerWith a catnip-infused mouse!
Catnip Critters Bag of 30 ToysCatnip Critters Bag of 30 ToysStuffed with organic catnip!
Catnip Cyclone Cat ToyCatnip Cyclone Cat ToyComes with everything you need to entertain your kitty for hours!
Catnip Fish Bag of 20 ToysCatnip Fish Bag of 20 ToysWhat cat doesn't love fish? And fish filled with catnip?! Major purr time!
Catnip Snake Cat ToyCatnip Snake Cat Toy14-inch snake is available in 3 fun designs!
Clown Fish Catnip Toys, Pack of 2Clown Fish Catnip Toys, Pack of 2With catnip and genuine feather tails!
Compressed Catnip Mice, Pack of 2Compressed Catnip Mice, Pack of 2Made from actual catnip!
Cosmic Catnip Filled ToyCosmic Catnip Filled ToyCat acting like a cheeky monkey? Give him a banana!
Also available in:
  • Red chili pepper
  • Orange carrot
  • Blue fish
  • Green cactus
  • Green snake
  • Groovy Gecko
Crazer Laser Cat ToyCrazer Laser Cat Toy

More laser patterns than ever before!

Enchantacat Sea Creatures Cat ToysEnchantacat Sea Creatures Cat ToysYour kitty will love all five of these creatures!
Feather Wand Dangler Pole Cat ToyFeather Wand Dangler Pole Cat ToyEnjoy a little “kitty fishing”!
FroliCat Bolt Automated Laser Cat ToyFroliCat Bolt Automated Laser Cat ToyUse it to interact with your cat, or set it down and watch the fun!
FroliCat Dart Automated Cat ToyFroliCat Dart Automated Cat Toy16 fun play combinations!
FroliCat Dart Duo Laser Cat ToyFroliCat Dart Duo Laser Cat ToyBecause two lasers are better than one!
FroliCat Flik Automated Cat ToyFroliCat Flik Automated Cat ToyCats who love chasing strings will go wild for this!
Heart Pillow Catnip Toy, Bag of 15Heart Pillow Catnip Toy, Bag of 15Stuffed with premium, organic catnip!
(Display canister not included)
Kitty Boinks Cat Toys in CanisterKitty Boinks Cat Toys in Canister

A great value for shelters or rescue groups!

Kitty Flicks Bag of 100 Cat ToysKitty Flicks Bag of 100 Cat ToysGreat for flicking, batting, and carrying around!
Kitty KongKitty KongMakes your cat work for that snack!
Kitty Nips Bag of 25 ToysKitty Nips Bag of 25 ToysFilled with organic catnip!
Kitty Pinwheels Bag of 72 Cat ToysKitty Pinwheels Bag of 72 Cat ToysMade from palm leaves and natural coir fiber!
Kong Cat Naturals ScratcherKong Cat Naturals ScratcherMade with renewable resources!
Kong Cat WobblerKong Cat WobblerHelps fight boredom and obesity!
Kookamunga Catnip BubblesKookamunga Catnip BubblesYour cat told us to remind you to buy this!
Laser Chase Cat ToyLaser Chase Cat Toy

Drive your cat wild with one of these!

Long Mouse Cat ToyLong Mouse Cat Toy
  • Appeals to hunting instinct
  • Faux fur covering
  • 5.5 inches long
  • Looks like real mouse
Loofa Cat Kicker ToyLoofa Cat Kicker Toy
  • Crinkle sound
  • Catnip scent
  • Plush exterior
  • 10 inches long
Look Who’s Talking Plush Cat ToysLook Who’s Talking Plush Cat Toys

Great for cats who get excited by squeaky toys!

Mouse in the House Cat ToyMouse in the House Cat ToyCan't be home to play with your cats? This toy will do it for you!
Mouse in the House Replacement MiceMouse in the House Replacement MiceNaturally, you'll need these!
Nobbly Wobbly Cat ToyNobbly Wobbly Cat Toy

Great for chasing and grabbing!
Comes in 2 sizes

Premium Cat Sushi Catnip ToysPremium Cat Sushi Catnip ToysAvailable in red or blue crab; shrimp currently out of stock
Self Warming Kitty SackSelf Warming Kitty SackAvailable in Leopard or Zebra prints!
Six Kong Cat Naturals Straw BallsSix Kong Cat Naturals Straw BallsMade with eco-friendly materials!
Slimcat Pack of 16 in Assorted ColorsSlimcat Pack of 16 in Assorted ColorsSave over buying individually!
Sponge Balls Bin of 35 ToysSponge Balls Bin of 35 ToysWhat next, a new putter for kitty?
Spotbrights Hologram Laser Cat ToySpotbrights Hologram Laser Cat ToyDrive your cat crazy with this!
Star Chaser LED Replacement BallStar Chaser LED Replacement BallFor when the ball in your cat's Star Chaser no longer sparkles
Starchaser Turbo Scratcher Cat ToyStarchaser Turbo Scratcher Cat Toywith motion-activated LED ball!
Super Kitty Boinks Cat Toys in CanisterSuper Kitty Boinks Cat Toys in Canister

Bigger than regular Kitty Boinks, but still a great value!

SuperCat Catnip CrumplesSuperCat Catnip CrumplesCats love crumpled paper? They'll go crazy for these!
SuperCat Catnip Markers 3-packSuperCat Catnip Markers 3-packMark catnip scent anywhere you want!
Thrill of the Chase Cat ToyThrill of the Chase Cat ToyWith RealMouse sound and catnip!
Triple Purrs ScratcherTriple Purrs ScratcherThree types of fun, in one scratcher!
Turbo Catnip Hurricane Cat ToyTurbo Catnip Hurricane Cat ToyTwo track balls and catnip? Your cats will never leave this alone!
Turbo Scratcher Cat ToyTurbo Scratcher Cat ToySelf-entertainment for hours!
Turbo Track Cat ToyTurbo Track Cat ToyBored kitty? This gives you lots of options to entertain him!
Turboscratcher Cat Grass InsertTurboscratcher Cat Grass InsertFits the Star Chaser and Turboscratcher toys!
Two Catnip Duckies Refillable Cat ToysTwo Catnip Duckies Refillable Cat ToysKONG catnip-filled duck toys for cats
Two Catnip Field Mice Refillable Cat ToysTwo Catnip Field Mice Refillable Cat ToysCome with KONG premium catnip!
Two Catnip Squirrels Refillable Cat ToysTwo Catnip Squirrels Refillable Cat ToysYou're not seeing double! This is two catnip-filled squirrels for cats.
Valentine’s Happy Kitten KitValentine’s Happy Kitten KitFor your kitten's first Valentine's Day!
Shop Other Types of Cat Play Products:

Shop Other Types of Cat Play Products:

Cat Furniture & AccessoriesCat Furniture & AccessoriesWant your cats to stop scratching your furniture? Get them their own! Cats need furniture like scratchers, appropriate climbing surfaces, places to hide for a quick nap, and places to perch up high. You'll find them here!
CatnipCatnipEvery cat loves a little nip! Top-quality catnip in all its forms and brands to keep your kitty flyin' high! Just think of this page as a liquor store for your cats.
Cat Play EnclosuresCat Play EnclosuresLet your kitties play in safety with soft- and hard-sided enclosures for indoor and outdoor use!
Recreational Safety ProductsRecreational Safety ProductsProducts to keep your cats safe while they play and enjoy other recreational activities with you.



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