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A Note About Security

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We're a Small Business, Too!

We're a Small Business, Too!

Recently Viewed Items:

Recently Viewed Items:

In Memory of Vixen

In Memory of Vixen

Memorial for my beloved cat Vixen

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  1. We all know the problems fleas can cause for your cat. Flea dermatitis is the most common, but if left unchecked, fleas can cause dehydration, severe anemia, and spread parasites such as tapeworms and other diseases to other cats, and even to humans.

  2. cats at Christmas
    We've been in the holiday season for a few weeks now, and different cats cope with it differently...just take a gander at the faces on my two when they were dressed up for this Christmas photo several years ago!

    There are many dangers for cats to be found in holiday decorations and goodies, as well.
  3. Fred kitten sleeping

    Cold winter days are even reaching down into Florida this year...and it's not technically even winter yet! Keep your cats safe during these freezing winter nights by heeding these tips:
    • If the thermometer is dipping below freezing, your cats belong inside with you. Ferals who won't come inside can be cozy with a heated bed, of which we have several options at
  4. Kitty Palms

    Want to stop your cats from scratching your furniture, without ruining your decor? You can entertain your kitties while bringing a touch of the tropics to your home with Kitty Palms! Kitty Palms are now available at You'll find them in a number of categories, or you can just search for "kitty palms" to find them.
  5. Old Maid Cat Lady logo

    When I heard about Jason Sadler's business,, I thought, "Brilliant!" This guy gets companies to sponsor him every day of the year, and he wears a T-shirt with their logo on it wherever he goes that day, whether it's to the mall, traveling, or to speak to a group at a conference.

  6. HSNY plaque with cat

    Since its founding in 1904, the Humane Society of New York (HSNY) has been a presence in New York City, caring for animals in need when illness, injury or homelessness strikes. HSNY has so many wonderful programs for various animals, including its original founding mission of helping the city’s carriage horses, that it’s impossible to go into them all here.

  7. yellow cat League for Animal Welfare logo

    This week's Cat Champions on are the folks at the League for Animal Welfare (LFAW) in Batavia, Ohio.

  8. big hairball from grooming cat

    A common belief is that cats groom themselves so you don't need to bother with grooming them. While it's true that most people don't take their cats to the groomer's like dog owners do, cats do need occasional help with grooming. Regular brushing or combing helps control shedding and hairballs.

  9. Always on the lookout for new stuff for our kitties, we'll be attending the Global Pet Expo next weekend in Orlando. Pre-show publicity says that over 800 new products will be debuting there! Granted, not all are for cats, but we'll be telling you about every one of the new cat products we find, and hopefully will also be able to feature many of them on Stay tuned for all the news!

  10. Vixen and her hairball from grooming

    Older cats don't groom themselves like they did when they were younger, so they need help. Now that the worst of the winter is past us, Vixen is shedding her winter coat. I've found clumps of hair all over the house, so I try to give her a good brushing every day to remove some of that loose hair.

  11. A young Vixen plays with a tennis ball

    Twenty-one years ago this month, a feisty little tortoiseshell came to join my household. She'd been a feral cat in the apartments where I lived, one who'd lurk in the hedges and swipe a spotted paw out at you when you passed. I'd see her following along behind the maintenance men, playing with whatever tool belt or electrical cord was dangling behind them.

  12. Frankie in the garden

    Valentine's Day has never been my favorite holiday, and 2009 made it even less so. I spent that at the emergency vet clinic with our darling little Frankie, shown here, who was breathing very shallowly and seemed to be swollen through his chest area.

    As it turned out, Frankie was in the final stage of FIP.

  13. Now, that's funny! We old maid cat ladies have always thought our cats were worth their weight in gold, and now we know that others share that opinion. Personally, I've always wondered about the intellectual capacity of someone who would mail off valuable gold in the hope that someone they've never met before will actually mail money back to them. It just seems like an arrangement that's a little too easy for some con man to set up as a scam and have lots of people mailing their gold to him without actually sending them anything in return.

  14. Vixen eating"An extra-large helping of breakfast is never as delicious as a second helping of breakfast that requires Mom to serve me twice."

    Anyone who's ever had cats knows that they love their little rituals.  Vixen used to have one with my mother, every morning and evening, with her canned food.  Now that my mother's no longer with us, that duty has fallen to me.

  15. begging cat on street in Russia

    I found this story about a cat who begs for money on the street in Russia on another blog. All of us old maid cat ladies know that our feline friends seem to "know" when we've rescued them, but this one seems quite amazingly aware of his situation.

  16. The Old Maid Cat Lady blog actually pre-dates the retail site!  This was my first post when I decided to start it:

    When a story about me and my 21-year-old cat ran on the front page of the local newspaper recently, one of the comments to the online version said, "There's nothing worse than an old maid Cat Lady."

    After initially feeling insulted, I started to see the humor in the moniker. I mean, seriously, who uses the term "old maid" any more to refer to a single lady of a certain age? Certainly nobody I know.



We're a small business, founded by a genuine old maid cat lady who loves her cats the same as if they were her children, just like you do yours. All products are shipped directly to you from our suppliers; we don't maintain any inventory. This eliminates double shipping, warehousing and staffing that would drive up costs, allowing us to price our items as reasonably as possible. When it comes to shipping, we charge you only what our suppliers charge us to ship the items to you. Those retailers who offer you "free" shipping are only raising their prices to cover the cost of shipping, and we'd rather be honest with you about it. If our suppliers include shipping in the prices of the items, we offer the same to you. We try to treat all our customers the way we'd like to be treated ourselves, and appreciate your taking the time to get to know us a little. If you'd like to know more, click on the "About Us" link in the menu.

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