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We're a Small Business, Too!

We're a Small Business, Too!

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Recently Viewed Items:

Old Maid Cat Lady is your home for all things "cat"!

We currently have over 2,800 products for cats and for people who love them, with more being added all the time. You can shop by category, browse through all the products for cats, all the products for people, or do a specific search for exactly what you need.  Products are shipped directly to you from our suppliers.  Don't see what you want? Fill out the Product Request form on our home page and we'll track it down for you. We want your shopping experience with us to be fun and hassle free!  If it's anything less, please e-mail us to let us know how we can improve for your next visit.


In Memory of Vixen

In Memory of Vixen

Memorial for my beloved cat Vixen

To shop for products by category:

To shop for products by category:

Roll your cursor over the Menu at left. Click on any menu item to go directly that page. You'll also see flyout menus that will pop out to the right of the main menu, showing sub-categories of more specific products to help you find exactly what you need!

Or, you can use the Product Search function in the right or left columns (you may need to scroll down a little) to look for a particular item.

Happy shopping!
Invitation to create a holiday wish list

Have you created your holiday Wish List yet?

Setting up a wish list is a great way to "bookmark" all the products you like on Old Maid Cat Lady so you don't have to search for them the next time you visit. It's like putting a sticky note on the page in a printed catalog. You can even print your Wish List to share with your holiday gift-givers! Set up a Wish List for yourself, and perhaps another for each of your cats -- we won't judge you, we're all old maid cat ladies here! (After all, if you've gotten them an e-mail address, why not set up their own Wish List?)

To establish your Wish List, simply click here to set up a log-in ID and password. When you see an item you want to add to your Wish List, just click on the button with that item to add it. Every time you visit, log in on the upper right-hand side before shopping so your Wish List will be activated.

To view your Wish List, click on "View Wish List" in the menu. Print that page using your browser's menu to get a printout of it, or to save it as a PDF file for easy e-mailing.

Shelters and Cat Rescue Groups can create Wish Lists and share them with their supporters, too! Get yours created today!

Featured Product for Cats:
Calm Me Down Calming Collar

Calm Me Down Calming Collar

Calm Me Down Calming Collar
American FlagsAqua Paw PrintsBlack with BonesBlue BandanaBlue SwirlsBones and HeartsBones and Stars-BlueBones and Stars-RedBones and Stars-StripesBright Cats Squares - Single-channel styleBrown Bone PatternCat PhotosDesert SunsetDots and Paws on BlueDots and Paws on YellowEarth Tones on BlackFashion PlaidFunky TurquoiseGreen with BonesHot PinkHot Pink with HeartsJaguarJolly RogerKey West PurpleLeopardLilac PaisleyMarine FlagsNordic FlakesPaw Prints on BlackPink BandanaPink Paw PrintPlaid with RedPurple Paw PrintRed BandanaRed and Green PlaidRed Polka DotsRed ScrollsRed SkullySage Green ScrollsSnowflakesTossed BonesZebra
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Does your cat freak out during the holidays, during storms, or when people visit? Or perhaps when you go to the vet or have to travel? Or even suffer from separation anxiety when you leave for work? A Calming Collar may be just the solution for you!

Based on aromatherapy, this proprietary Calm Me Down blend has been developed over many years. The design of the collar has even been issued a patent! The collar is filled with high-quality herbs that will not harm your cat, even if eaten.

Each Calming Collar is custom made by hand to order for your cat, and typically ships to you about a week after your order is placed. This ensures maximum potency of the herbs within it. The Single-Channel collar is the best size for most cats, but larger cats with longer necks may benefit from the double-channel width. Most of the images show the double-channel design because that one makes it easier to see the pattern on the fabric.

Sizing is by neck circumference measurement:
Size Neck Measurement
Extra Small 7" - 11"
Small 11" - 15"
Medium 15" - 18"
Large 18" - 22"
Extra Large 22" - 26"

Fabrics are all 100% cotton fabrics in the prints shown. If you prefer a solid color, specify it in the custom area; most solid color fabrics are on hand.

To use the collar, put it on your cat about 20-30 minutes before the stressful event occurs. Once the time of stress is over, remove the collar and store it in a sealed plastic bag. When used this way, the herbs in the collar will last about a year. The collar may be worn all the time, if your cat is chronically stressed, but the herbs will not last as long as when you pack it away in between uses, due to exposure to the air. If worn all the time, the herbs will remain potent for 3-4 months.

What customers are saying:
"So today we had a whopper of a storm here in Scottsdale, AZ. Cora, who usually goes and hides in the bathroom during a storm, actually sat in the window and watched! The Calming Collar actually worked! Thank You!" - Donna 

"Thank you again for your WONDERFUL Calming Collars. They DO work and they work VERY well. I have a small feral colony and one of those ferals actually sleeps tightly hugging his Calming Collar(I will try to snap a pic one of these days). Also have a T.N.R. feral who came to me to socialize & get adopted out. Well after working with her with a Calming Collar helping a lot she decided to adopt us! Darn Calming Collar worked too good with her! Thanks again!" - Kathy 

"I received the collar today and it worked instantly. The Vet wanted to try her on kitty prozac. That would have been $40 a month for the rest of her life. This is all natural and works better. Thank you."
- Terri

What are you waiting for?! Your kitty needs this calming collar, stat! (Oh, and it also works on dogs, if you have a nervous one of those.)
Featured Product for People:
Boots and Cats Christmas T-shirt

Boots and Cats Christmas T-shirt

Boots and Cats Christmas T-shirt
Available in sizes S-5XL
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Who can resist a gift like this?! Santa's left his boots by the fire, and these two tiny kittens couldn't resist the opportunity to snuggle in them. Design is hand-dyed onto a dark evergreen T-shirt in sizes Small through 5XL.

After just one wash you will not know where the print ends and the shirt begins. The unique printing process used for this shirt actually pulls the dye color out of the shirt and leaves the ink color behind, essentially dyeing the cotton with the ink. Shirt features an over-sized relaxed fit, with reinforced double-stitching on all seams. After dyeing they are washed and dried, so they arrive to you comfortable, pre-shrunk & ready to wear. This heavyweight 100% cotton T-shirt will last you years and years. It's made of 100% preshrunk cotton (even the thread that holds it together is cotton). If washed according to the label instructions, in cold water, not only will your shirt stay at the same size as when you purchased it, but the print will remain vibrant for years to come.

In a time when many companies are grappling with how to reinvent themselves as “green” The Mountain has always worked in a way that respects the environment. The cornerstones of being green for are the materials they use to manufacture their t-shirts. From day one they have always used the highest quality natural materials to create their T-shirts. They start with a white t-shirt made from 100% natural USA cotton. Then, to color the garments, they use fiber reactive organic dyes to create a wide spectrum of dye colors that are inspired by nature. Next their t-shirts are printed with environmentally friendly water-based inks. Most screenprinters use solvent based inks made primarily of plastic (petroleum) that have a rough feel and contain toxic phthalates. While many printers are trying to kick the chemical habit and learn how to use waterbased inks, The Mountain is light years ahead of them. They are literally pioneers of using water-based ink and have perfected its use to create photo-realist imagery that is not attainable by other screen printers. Being “green” to The Mountain means being mindful of your choices, which have a direct impact on the environment and future generations.

Available in sizes S-5XL. Click on the sizing chart image above to see the dimensions of each size. Please keep in mind these beautiful T-shirts are custom made and hand-dyed, so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Shipping on this shirt is a flat $6.95.

Remember Homeless Cats!

Remember Homeless Cats!

Cat in shelter
As we gather with family and friends, remember those cats who have no homes. With cooler nights, feral and stray cats will be seeking warm places to sleep. This could mean they climb into the warm engine of a vehicle, so be careful when starting your engine.

In the busy pace of fall life, with school and sports schedules, festivals, and other activities, it's easy to forget about your local cat shelters and rescues, but they still need fosters, volunteers, and adopters for their animals. And they always need extra toys, beds, and other supplies! Check out our Rescue Time section for specially priced items just for them!
Eco-FriendlyEco-FriendlyConcerned about the planet? Here are products you can feel good about buying for your cat, and for yourself, because they're made with eco-friendly and recycled materials, and are recyclable or non-toxic in the waste stream.
Made in USAMade in USAWant to support fellow Americans? Here are only products made in the good ol' U. S. of A. for cats and cat lovers.

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Looking for something you can't find?

Put us on it!

We love to locate cool and unusual products for cats and cat people!

Click on the image of Frankie hunting, at left, to describe what you want. We'll do our best to track it down and offer it to you.



We're a small business, founded by a genuine old maid cat lady who loves her cats the same as if they were her children, just like you do yours. All products are shipped directly to you from our suppliers; we don't maintain any inventory. This eliminates double shipping, warehousing and staffing that would drive up costs, allowing us to price our items as reasonably as possible. When it comes to shipping, we charge you only what our suppliers charge us to ship the items to you. Those retailers who offer you "free" shipping are only raising their prices to cover the cost of shipping, and we'd rather be honest with you about it. If our suppliers include shipping in the prices of the items, we offer the same to you. We try to treat all our customers the way we'd like to be treated ourselves, and appreciate your taking the time to get to know us a little. If you'd like to know more, click on the "About Us" link in the menu.

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